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First Aquarium - 10 Gallon

Pretty excited; finally decided on a 10. Was contemplating 20 but I couldn't find anything to put it on considering that I want it in my room for the atmospheric effect.

At that; I have no clue where to start. Got my tank picked out though that's for sure.

Tank - 10 Gallon
Fish - Plan to have a Crowntail Betta, and some Tetras / Shrimp or maybe Pygmy Cories, maybe some Platys, Rasboras??
Plants - Live Planted; Java Moss, Hornwort, etc.

Not too sure on anything else. Suggestions with my first tank?
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Welcome to the forum and to the world of fish keeping....awesome hobby to be apart of.....

Since you want a planted tank-you may need to upgrade the stock lights on the system....look for daylight 6500k 20w bulbs for a 10gal

When you pick out plants-make sure they are true aquatic that can live underwater.....a lot of the plants sold at the box pet shops in tubes are NOT true aquatic...grab a plant book and look them up while in the store to be sure.

Since you are wanting a planted tank...why not start out with plant specific cost a bit more-but its a one time investment....or get a really small size gravel..

Do you understand the nitrogen cycle...research that if not...I wouldn't stock the tank too fast until you have the nitrogen cycle established and this can take 4-8 weeks
You can safely cycle with the Betta provided that you are willing and able to make the needed water changes....

When you get your tank and sure and get a good dechlorinator like Prime if you are on city water supply and all the cleaning supplies a bucket, vacuum, algae scrubber suited for the type of tank you have either glass or acrylic..

Look around this site and read all the sticky-then ask questions on what you don't understand....

Most important...have fun...this is a great hobby......
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