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Help! Why is he getting worse??

I don't know if any of you remember but I posted back about a month ago about my fish how bites his tail.

Well I think he's getting worse even though I've started using stress coat. :c

I was up in NY visiting family for a week and when I came back yesterday his tail was noticably worse. Worse as in he only has about 1/3 of his tail left. :c And now his top and bottom fins look like they'reloosing their color and turning see through and the bottom on looks like it's got large red spots on it.

I changed his water before I left and made sure I gave my fiance's parents the feeding schedule.

I really need some help, I absolutely have no idea what's going on. :c
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Poor fishie..

It's hard to say without a picture if there is another underlying problem other then fin biting.
Going see through could be a number of things as well from new fin growth to lack of enough nutrition.
Are the red spots on the edges of the fins or in the middle?
Are the edges of the tail black to very dark red? Can you tell if it is shredding/flaking off or are there small C/U shapes on the edges?

Stress coat alone won't stop fish from tail biting- it's a bad habit they pick up from stress or boredom (not having enough in their tank) usually. And it's frustrating because there really isn't much, if anything, we can do to stop them. All we can do is make sure the water changes are on schedule so rot doesn't develop.
You can try giving him more attention, rearranging the tank, adding in new things, change his diet.. I can't really think of anything more that unfortunately.

Here is a little fun thread made by a member here for tailbiters.. just so you know we feel your pain and frustration, worry.

*Edit- when you talked about him before, did you mention whether you have a filter? If so, have you baffled it? Sometimes their tails can cause a lot of drag and be heavy, so they will bite it off.. what tail type is he?

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The red spots are just on the fin.
I feed them betta pellets every day and about once or twice a week a I feed them those blood worms or what ever they're called because neither of my fish seem to like them.
And I've looked at his tail and he doesn't seem to be developing fin rot.

I've put these little glow in the dark pebble things in his tank and he seem pretty interested in them actually.

I've been trying to take a picture of him but he swims away every time. D:

And I don't have a filitered tan unfortunately.
I was thinking about getting new tanks for my fish (the little ones that are good for one fish and have filters at WalMart) but I'll be moving back up to NY in a couple months and I don't want to get them and have them break in trasport, we're a little tight on money since we're trying to save it up. x.x
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