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Stress stripes and other medical questions.

So last night I put all my girls in my sorority tank. I have 6 in a 20g right now. I have 3 more in QT, they werent as healthy as they looked in the store x.x

Anyways, 2 of my girls have stress stripes. One of them gets stripes really easily, but the other one hardly does. How long until they go away? They havent been bullied, my tanks been eerie quiet (No chasing, all the girls are swimming together and only one nipped fin that I'm pretty sure came from one of the guppies)

Also, so I wont have to make another thread.

2 of my 3 girls in QT look like they have a touch of popeye, its pretty slight though and could very well be me being paranoid. One of the 2 has ammonia burns on her gills that are pretty noticeable. Would keeping them in clean water be enough to heal everything up?

My last girl has a lump on her... chin I guess it would be? When you look at her from underneath, its where her gills would meet on bottom. I thought it was a tumor but after looking up some pictures, it doesnt look like one. Its about the size of her eye and doesnt seem to be hindering her. Shes still eating but looks a bit clamped, but I'm betting thats more from stress of the car ride and settling into a new place.

any ideas?
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Stripes and color changes don't always mean stress-this is a form of communication and camo-with stress you usually will see other sign/symptom with or without the stripes and/or color fins, lethargic, hiding, flashing...etc.....

Popeye-I like to use Epsom salt 3tsp/gal (not aquarium salt)tannins along with water changes in Qt using premixed treatment water for 10-14 days

Need a pic of the other girls lump

Clean like temp dechlorinated water from water changes is one of the best treatment/medications for this species IMO/E...
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Ah good to know, shes been very active and hasnt been clamped at all so it seems like shes fine then ^^

Ive been keeping up with the clean water, though I've got some green tea I can use for tannins. I'll see if I can get the epsom salt asap.

I'll try and get a picture later tonight of the lump. It doesnt seem to be hindering her and she's still eating which is good but I'm still worried about it.
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Heres a picture of the lump on the one girl.
Name:  BettaLump1.jpg
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Size:  29.6 KBName:  BettaLump2.jpg
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Size:  18.6 KB
It seems to change in size, but not hinder her, shes still eating and swimming

Heres a picture of the girl with the ammonia burns on her gills. Ive never seen them before and wanted to clarify that its what she has
Name:  RedGirl.jpg
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Size:  36.2 KB

Sorry for the quality, I only have my phone ^^;
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