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Arrow myth?

can bettas be fed peas?
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Some people feed bettas peas to help with constipation and digestive issues. However, bettas are carnivorous and shouldn't be fed vegetables. I prefer feeding mine daphnia. It's a healthier alternative to peas.
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If you have access to live food like daphnia then it should be the preferred method.

Bettas are insectivorous/carnivorous, so peas should in no way be fed as a regular part of their diet, but people have used them for constipation(as DQ said ^^), but if you have an adjustable heater, raising the temp a degree or two and keeping your betta active(place a female or another male next to his tank) sometimes helps without having to feed the blanched pea or in addition to it.
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I gave my girl peas cuz I was told it was ok and she went crazy for like a week... Not 100% sure if it was the peas but she was fine before them and then after like a week of not having them she went back to her usual self....
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Use of a green pea piece for constipation will not harm the Betta, however, long term use can result in nutritional deficiency due to inability to absorb the nutrients from the short GI tract...its not a good daily food item-but on occasion for a reason is not harmful....

You are what you eat-even meat eating fish (carnivores) consume veggie matter from the food they eat..I am sure a lot of you have heard the term "gut loaded" the insects, microorganism, other fish and aquatic creatures that eat veggie matter (herbivores and omnivores) as their regular diet and the Betta in turn eat them along with what is in their gut...all of this completes a varied diet that is important for long term health.

In a closed system our fish are limited-in the wild almost all fish are opportunistic and get nutrition from lots of different source.

A green pea piece will not stop them up anymore than a pellet or freeze dried food will swell up inside their gut....they have enzymes and gastric acid that turn it into mush that starts the digestive process...if a food item is causing bloating or constipation-its due to poor quality ingredients that are hard for them to digest like grains/grain byproducts that can cause excessive pathogenic bacteria to multiply in the gut-

Then due to this myth the food will be soaked and this can cause nutritional deficiency due to leaching out of water soluble vitamins and minerals and this in turn compromises the immune response-
Bottom line-if the food is causing bloat-change the food....
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