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Unhappy Betta fin like nemo!!

My betta Zuko has been doing great finally eatting and gaining weight. He made a bubble neat earlier this week and it was huge. But...
I was doing a water change and noticed that one,of is fins was saverly torn. Like Gil from Nemo. Hes not really using it but I can see the little white 'bones' of his fin.
Should I treat it like fin rot or leave it to heal on its own? I put some dried oak leaves to premote tannins but thats all ive done at the moment. Im in shock. This has mever happened to me before.

Hes in a ten gallon with a filter, heater, five ghost shrimp and four moss balls.
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I'm not sure, but I hope he gets better.. Someone here should suggest more than me.. I like the name though!! (Is it from Danny Zuko from Grease??). . . If it is, *jaw drop* awesome!
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Been trying to remember which fin he had that was torn in the movie, but I can't. I will say this though, torn fins will heal. Even rips that go all the way to the body will reattach, or mend back together. Before anything else, though, you would need to find the cause of the problem. Are there any decorations that may have rough surfaces? Anything that might snag a pantyhose, could potentially tear your betta's fins. If not that, it could be water quality. Is the tank cycled? If so, how long has it been cycled for? How often are you doing PWC and how much do you change at one time?
As I have just learned in my own experience, I did a fishless cycle to 2 tanks that I had. Once complete, and Betta's were added, over time the BB that I created was starving due to the small bioload. I had never thought that might happen, until I wasn't changing the water often enough and my guys started showing signs of finrot and stress. That is why I asked those questions

Also, could he be getting his fins torn on the intake tube of your filter? I have a pre-filter sponge on each of my intake tubes to ensure that is not an issue, just in case you hadn't thought about that...

In the meantime, clean water conditions will do the most good. You could use Stress Coat+, or something like it that promotes healing of fins. SC+ has aloe, helps to replace slime coat and recommended dosage can be doubled when treating damaged fins. You should see new growth in less than a week. Others may also recommend Aquarium salt or Epsom salt, but you also have the ghost shrimp and I am not familiar with whether or not they can handle salt, or even the SC+, for that matter.

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