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Betta rescue from Walmart--What is wrong with her?

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oh my goodness! D: poor girl! looks like she may have a lump on her side, or something.... can you get a shot from the top?
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Hmm.. can she swim fine? Or does she often tilt and swim sideways?
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Welcome to the forum.....

She is either- deformed, vitamin deficiency, injury or she has Mycobacterium marinum (fish TB)...those are the first things that come to mind when I see a Betta in that condition...without more information/history.....its hard to say...but since she is new from the store....personally-I would treat this as the worst on the list....Fish TB......

I strongly recommend that you take her back to the store and get your money back and not get a Betta from that location-but if you are set on trying to save her and nothing wrong with that either-but if it is TB...this is what I would recommend.

This is one of the few pathogens that can be passed to humans from fish-although rare-but if immune depressed you should be very careful and wear gloves....

Wash hand before and really good after working with the fish-wear gloves if you have open wounds, scratches...etc.....on your hands.....

Keep her in QT and if you have other fish-don't share items like-nets, buckets, hoses...etc.....

Provide quality water and good nutrition....depending on how far you want to go and spend on treating her...start researching....usually TB is fatal-its a chronic, progressive disease and the fish generally will slowly waste away irregardless of treatment, however, on rare occasions some have survived...and it may not be TB and only a deformity, vit def or injury and with those you are limited to comfort care and good nutrition...only time will tell...

Lovely lady...too bad she is in such bad shape.....good luck and keep us posted....sometimes they can surprise you......never know....
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Looks like a tumor to me and that caused her spine to deform :(
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She's in rough shape. She floats on her side (primarily that one) and her other eye is cloudy. I bought her since she's been like that at Walmart for a week and I wanted to see if I could help her. She's in an unfiltered 3gallon container with a heater. I fasted her one day and she pooped, so I gave her a pellet. She can barely eat. I noticed the other messed up eye when she finally flipped over, so I put some Fungus Guard in her container because it says it can help with a multitude of diseases. She seems eager to eat, she just can't seem to keep anything in her mouth, even my tiniest pellets and blood worms.
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