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Lost my Betta of nearly 5 years...

Just wanted to thank everyone on the forum for the attempted help. I have to say that this is the longest by far I have ever owned a Betta Fish. It began when I noticed my fishes fins had a slight gray color to them, however never having seen a fish with disease before, I attributed it to old age. By the time I picked up on something being wrong, the fin rot (I believe fungal) was very advanced. (By the way I changed the water about once a week, so I don't attribute this to neglect whatsoever)

I started treatment with bettafix and aquarium salt... and then went on to daily water changes with salt and enzyme stress coat. The disease continued to progress relentlessly reaching the body of my betta. At that point the pet store recommended another non-working medication... after which I decided this could no longer be bacterial fin rot.

I decided to give API fungal medication a try. This actually seemed to be working. The fish continued to swim, started eating more, and it looked like the white/gray rot was beginning to recede. Unfortunately yesterday I came home from work to the betta not floating right. The fish was not upside down, and not sideways... rather bobbing in the water but fins and gills still moving. The fish would not eat anything, after it had eaten normally the day prior. I figured this was the end... and sure enough today I found my Betta dead.

I gave the fish a great burial, and am definitely saddened by the loss. What a great fish, and what a great ride we had together.

I guess my conclusion is if you notice something different about your Betta Fish, google is a great resource. I found this website, but I think it was just to late. With graduate school beginning for me in January I don't think I will be owning another Betta for at least a few years.

Good luck to everyone, and thanks again.

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I'm so sorry :( You gave him a long life, which by store bought bettas, 5 years is a long time.
You really loved him, and I'm sure he felt it and appreciated how much you cared..
Good luck in life, and in the future and school. We'll be here if you ever decide to give another friend a home.
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