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Smile I've got a new friend, I call him Harvey

I have long been an admirer of aquariums, I find them pleasing to look upon, and their finny denizens fascinating.
We had goldfish when I was a kid. I enjoyed the tank quite a bit but they were a lot of work, and sadly, that's what I remember most about them.
My father-in-law has a 30 gallon tank that I enjoy quite a bit, and am very envious of. However, he gripes about the effort involved in it's maintenance (some of which I think is for show) and this, coupled with my earlier memories has always negated my desires for a tank of my own.
Until a couple of weeks ago.
My wife and I were at Petsmart buying supplies for the cats. She was standing in the very long line, and I noticed that the endcap had small tanks on sale, 2.5 and 5 gallon tanks. I wandered over to take a look while we waited.
At the top of the endcap were the bettas is their little cups. Most of them looked quite sad and didn't respond at all to my wiggling finger. All of them but a little pinky-white one with a really big tail. I wiggled for a minute and he danced around in his cup, and then I was summoned to the register to supply the magic plastic card.
All week long I thought about the little tanks and what it would be like to have tank on my desk, it's little residents going about their business, perhaps some of the pointy orange and black ones with the wide tails (You see the ignorance I went into this with).
Then, a week and a half ago, my wife and I went to eat in the same plaza as the Petsmart, and during dinner it occurred to me that my little Betta friend would make an excellent first fish in one of those capacious, compared to the cup anyway, 2.5 gallon tanks. By the end of dinner my wife agreed and we were off to Petsmart.
I found the tanks etc without issue, but couldn't find my little friend. There was another with the same coloring, but surely this tired and sad little fish couldn't be my exuberant little buddy. While I was looking through the cups the young lady from the register wandered over and asked if I needed help. I explained what I was looking for and what I feared, and she said "Oh, that guy. I liked him so much I put him over here in the display bowl." And sure enough there he was, in a little one gallon betta bowl.
Harvey, as he was christened on the car ride home, now lives in a 2.5 gallon tank on my desk:

I know he's a Half Moon, and from an excellent thread here on this forum I've determined that he's a Piebald, but I'm a little stuck after that.
When he's shaded by the filter (baffled with inspiration from this site) he's a bluey-purple with a pale blue tinge to his fins:

But when he's out in the direct light from the hood light he's pinkish with white fins:

Just curious if this is normal, or is he some incredibly rare version of my new favorite fish?
Also, I have yet to be blessed with a bubble nest, but he seems quite happy in his tank. He seems to be on the small side, and doesn't flare very much, could this be a maturity issue?

I am extremely happy to have become an, um, aquariumist? fishkeeper? and don't find the upkeep on the tank to be much work at all. My only regret is that I didn't spend the extra few dollars and get him the 5 gallon tank. Oh well, maybe Harvey will be a good fish and Santa will bring him one for Xmas.
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He's gorgeous! I'd say he's a marble. You might see him darkening up a little or getting splotches here and there of darker scales. Nothing to worry about, it's just the marble gene ... oh that crazy marble gene! It can turn pure white bettas into something completely different and you think you don't have the same betta in the end. He's a gorgeous boy, and welcome to the forum!

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Thank you very much, I think he's quite handsome myself :P
I caught the sneaky guy flaring away at his reflection today when he thought I wasn't looking, so it looks like he's got that figured out.
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He's beautiful! I can't believe how much his color changes depending on the light!
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