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Cannot get ammonia to drop below .25ppm

I cannot get the ammonia to drop below .25 ppm. My betta is starting to recover from ammonia poisoning but the ammonia wont give me tha 0 ppm!!

He is in a 2.5 gallon tank with a filter. There are a few lives plants and a fake one. Also have a snail for algae control. I have been doing a 50-75% water change for the past 2 weeks now and each water change I also siphoned the tank. I condition the water for the whole tank with betta safe. And I add some Amquel Plus from time to time.

I just want my little guy to be healthy and happy and look beautiful again!!

His gills are still a bit red but I think he's getting better. He's not acting strange or anything.

Please help!! Thanks!!
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Have you been doing those % changes for every week? Or every day?
To decrease ammonia...well, just up the water changes.
In a 2.5 gal. (uncycled), you should be doing two 50% changes once a week, with siphoning the gravel.
The red gills might be from ammonia poisoning.
As for the two conditioners, I have no idea. I've never used them, but I really like Prime by Seachum.

Hope he gets better!
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Amquel is a lot like Prime in the sense that is can change ammonia to ammonium and that my be what you are seeing-once the biological filter is established you should test be sure...what kind of testing products are you using and what are the other water pram numbers for: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH...of both the source water without any additives and the tank....also, how much and how often are the regular water changes, temp, number and species of live plants-how long has the tank been running, filter media- how do you care for this and how long are the lights on, age of bulbs and kelvin-to rule out water quality due to plants....

Also, it is normal for the gill to be red in color-this means oxygen circulation.....

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I am using a API ammonia tester and the color keeps looking in between the .25 and 0 ppm. I dont have kits to test for the other stuff. Uhh my regular water changes are now 50-75% once a week as of 2 weeks ago. Before, it was 20% every 2 weeks but I am definitely not going to do that again!

I got my plants from petco and one is a Anubias barteri (Broad Leaf) and I'm not sure of what the other two are. Some plants I got from Petco. The tank has been running for about 2 months now at this current location. It has been running 2 months prior to this location but we took a nice 10 hour drive up state and are now here. I try not to have to light on more than 10-12hrs. The temp stays between 76-80 F for the most part. The plants are not old at all...maybe 3 months..One of the plants is a baby from old plants that just died so this bulb is pretty new.....

Well I think that is the best I can answer those questions haha

Thanks for all the help!!
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there could be ammonia in your tap. mine tests at .25 right out of the sink
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