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Hey, peeps.
I've decided I'm going to take a little break from the forum. I've been too busy with my life to contribute nearly as much as I would like to, and frankly, there are certain aspects/members/what have you that have had me teetering on the cliff for a while.

Anyway, the reason this is in the betta chat section is (for those who care) a final update before I sign off for a while.

I currently have 5 fish.

Winston is my oldest man still (easily 3 years old), and is still going strong in his divided 5 gallon. He's unfortunately taken up a little tail biting lately due to the sheer length of his tail, but it's never all that often, THANKFULLY.

Next up is Twitch. Yeah, that purple salamander HMPK I was raving about a few months ago? He's still awesome, he's just grown up now. I've been so busy lately it's taken me a while to realize it! I looked at him earlier this week and was like "woah." Still has that pesky gill problem, but nothing I've done has helped. I'm chalking it up to a deformity. It doesn't seem to hinder him from doing anything, so I'll take that as a good sign.
Here he is as a bebeh.

Next of course is my old man CT Damian. Same old, same old really. He got a new plant that he loves to hide in, but that's probably the most exciting thing with him. lol

And now EVANS. He's that royal blue rescue VT a coworker surrendered to me. He's also quite the tail biter. Pain. In. My. Butt. But it's really nice that yelling his name when he's in trouble sounds so awesome. Either way I love the little guy.
Here he is when we first got him

And last but not least, MINI FISH! I haven't told anyone about her quite yet... But I was bad. I have a few cruddy cell phone photos of her... But she's essentially a BABY red cambodian CT. And it's not full red either, it's spotty. I love it. She is a little sweetheart too. I'll be setting her up in my fancy round 3 gallon for the winter. :)
Here she is on day 1:

A few of you may have noticed I didn't mention Noelle. She unfortunately passed away two days ago of an unknown illness. She developed dropsy just as her divider partner Cameron did, and both have since died. I suspect it was something left over in the 10 gallon that didn't die in the bleach-nuke I used on the tank. I'm going to miss my last little girl. I have deemed the 10 gallon a "death trap" and am now throwing it out.

That's pretty much it for my update. So long, friends.
If you need anything, any of you are more than welcome to hit me up on facebook. Private message me if you want it, I'll more than likely check back occasionally, but don't expect me to post at all.

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