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Numbers are up, you shouldn't be testing those numbers. As already mentioned, regardless how small they are, they still have a bio load- therefor the tank is over stocked. I would move her to another tank, which doesn't have to be filtered. Need to up the water changes in the tank quite a bit, to get the numbers down and gone.

If traces of nitrites are in the aquarium it can cause severe stress to the fish. This leads to respiratory hardship and a weakened immune system, which makes the fish more susceptible to disease and death.
If there is an over abundance of nitrate in the tank it could be an indication that there is too much fish and plant waste. If not dealt with properly, this problem will inevitably lead to diseased, unhealthy fish. But I believe you may still be in the safe zone- but each fish tolerates it differently.

To me it looks like she is having problems with the water chemistry- you will have to do enough water changes to keep everything down further then what it is now, or remove her into her own home, or the other guys in the tank. It may only be temporary, but it could take months for them to grow, which is too long- a tank that small really can't support all that is in there, regardless of their sizes.

She needs some warm, clean water. Put her in a QT tank so she can get that.. will have to do frequent water changes, depending upon size of the QT tank will determine the frequency. But for the next few days, I would recommend daily 100% water changes to try to flush out her system some. Unfortunately, if this is ammonia/nitrate/ite poisoning, you usually can't reverse the the damage. But lets hope it's not too far along now. But that is my educated guess on what is going on with her- especially if she isn't showing any other symptoms of a disease.

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