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Old 11-15-2011, 11:49 AM   #1 
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Location: Upstate NY
Minor Change in Plans...A Betta From a Co-Worker

Apologies for the wall of text, first off. I just want to be sure to explain my situation a bit and address any potential questions and whathaveyou that there may be.

I had been planning on setting up (and cycling, of course) a 10-gallon NPT with a divider (just in case, by and large) with some ghost shrimp and a couple ADFs along with the betta -- the betta was going to be added last. Eventually I planned to start up a second 10-gallon for a second betta using a seeded filter from the first tank and (hopefully) some plants produced in that first tank as well. Big plans, haha.

Big plans for which I've been doing sourcing and pricing, and planning to get a couple of other things squared away first before I pursued.

Anyways, a co-worker and I were talking about bettas yesterday when another co-worker came in, heard what we were discussing, and said that her sister had a betta she did not really want anymore if either of us wanted him. She said she basically takes care of him, cleaning his water and such, whenever she's at her mother's. After a bit of thinking, I approached her after clocking out and offered to take the little guy home the next time we both worked (which happens to be tomorrow).

This changes things a little bit -- still the same basic plans, just amended a touch.

My questions, however, relate to the next couple of days. Tomorrow is, no doubt, going to be stressful for him. I've been thinking about it and am planning to pick up a few things before heading home with him. The trip I am going to make as secure and dark as I can (which I've read here are basically synonymous).

I was thinking of picking up some Stress Coat and adding it to his tank before the trip home and holding off on water changes and feeding him until Thursday. Saturday I'll probably get everything for and start setting up the 10-gallon and then transfer him to that once it's ready (so long as all goes well).

This, at least, is the game plan for how I'm figuring on things going -- though I may be surprised. I imagine, since they haven't been treating his water, that he doesn't have a heater either, so I'll be buying him one of those. Should I set that up when I do the first water change? Just run my heater in the room in the meantime?

I figure that way I can be sure all is well with the heater.

Well, that's my plan for the time being...any critiques? Comments? Suggestions?
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Old 11-15-2011, 01:48 PM   #2 
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That sounds like a plan! I look forward to seeing pictures of your rescue! Just make sure that when you do get the heater you slowly acclimate him. Sounds like you have researched this a lot and are ready for anything this fish can throw at you! Waiting to do a water change sounds really good too because the lady will probably change the water before she gives him to you. Also, make sure you ask how old he is. If he is getting up there in age, take twice as long to acclimate him to anything.
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Old 11-15-2011, 02:13 PM   #3 
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Agreed...sound like a plan-if you have Prime-I would add a drop or two to the holding container-this way if for some reason he is in low pH water and you do a slow acclimation causing the pH to rise the Prime will keep the ammonia neutralized so it doesn't affect him negatively....

Also, NPT you don't really have to cycle per se-they go through a silent cycle much like a regular planted tank-often you will never see nitrate to help tell you cycling stage/completeness like you do with regular gravel or sand substrate tanks...the soil/dirt in the NPT along with the active growth of the live plants should keep the water safe-provided that you start with enough of the right species of plants and the right kind of dirt.....I generally add all my livestock the same day I set one up and have never had any problems/deaths.

Look forward to pics.....
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Old 11-15-2011, 03:23 PM   #4 
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Upstate NY
Good, glad to know I had this figured out right. :D

Haha, yea, this is a culmination or research that has been going on for at least 2-3 weeks, and which I still consider to be ongoing (though now I'm focusing a bit more on tankmates). I've even looked over diseases, just in case.

I didn't know that about age and acclimation though; I was told that her sister had had him for 2-3 years about, so he is a bit older for a betta. I'll be sure to acclimate him nice and slow then -- anything to minimize stress for him since this is going to be quite an ordeal I imagine (acquiring him is going to be a little awkward as our shifts overlap).

Should I purchase a thing of Prime as well as a bottle of Stress Coat then? I haven't purchased any water conditioners yet, and from my understanding Stress Coat has a bit more than other water conditioners that aid slime coat, correct?

Since this is my first planted tank I figured I would allow the tank to sit and cycle to be on the safe side. I was thinking of adding a little ammonia to the tank to see how well it's taken care of (sort of like in ammonia cycling), I suppose to be sure that I have enough plants for the tank. This made sense in my head, but perhaps it's unnecessary?

Also I had the thought that allowing it to sit and cycle would be just as well as far as quarantines go, that way I can get the tank going at the same time and be sure it's set up properly before anything is added (as well as being sure, of course, that I don't add anything to the tank that I don't want). This is my first time doing a proper tank set-up and cycling, so I guess I'm being a little extra cautious as a result.

Finally, no worries: I will, of course, post pics, haha. I was told that his name is Barnaby (which amuses me, but I also kind of like it, so I'm keeping it) and he's blue and pink. I expect that he's a VT, but my co-worker wasn't able to tell me.
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You got it! What a lucky little guy to be adopted by you!
Be sure to post pics!!
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Old 11-16-2011, 07:24 PM   #6 
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Upstate NY
Unfortunately there was a minor (hopefully) set back: apparently the sister is considering giving Barnaby to a friend of her own (though my co-worker is fighting for my case) and then said that she was not even sure that she wanted to get rid of him (even though she does not take care of him). Also I guess the mother was concerned that I was going to fight him...and was worried about what I might put him in.

I assured that I was not going to fight him (which my co-worker already knew) and that I was going to put him in a 10-gallon, also that I was not going to put him in a tank with another betta -- or, at least, if I did it would be divided so they could not get to one another. I also told her that my number is right in the book at work if she needs it. So I guess we'll see where this goes...and no pics right yet.

She did also say that she thinks he might be an HM -- that he looks similar to the ones she saw.
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