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Death after a water change

Hello, I am new here. First, my condolences to the OP. I hope to read more from you and hope to find that you have new Bettas who are thriving. Now, I know this an old post, but it applies to my situation as well. We got our daughter two Veiltail Bettas (1 male she named Charlie and 1 female she name Lola) for her 7th birthday in October. Today/Last night I did a 100% change and added water conditioner. At our daughter's request we decided to take the partition out of the tank to see if they would get along. Well, as soon as we put them in Lola went to the back of the tank and put her face down in the gravel. Charlie swam 1 lap around the tank then went to the front and did the same thing. At first I thought Lola was trying to hide, but then Charlie jerked in a really weird way and went to the back of the tank where Lola was and put his face down to the gravel, then his whole body just relaxed. I realized Charlie was in distress and freaked out and asked my husband to get them out. He did and put them back in their store bowls with their old tank water, but it was too late. It all happened so quickly. I mean it was less than a minute; Maybe 30 seconds-- so fast. :( Me and my daughter broke down crying and my son (age 9) was very somber. I just feel terrible. These were our daughter's first pets and the first pets in our household and I loved them too. I could almost swear they would wave their fins and tails at me and I talked to them everyday and called myself protecting them from our twin 2 year olds. Anyway, when it happened I thought I made the new water too warm, but I had checked it several times. After reading this I am almost certain that I should not have done a 100% change and should also have waited longer to put them in after adding the conditioner. The did not have a filter or heater because I was told at the store they didn't need it. After reading more on them we decided it would be best to get a bigger tank with the works of what we thought they would enjoy. Sadly we did not get to do that for them. I think they went into shock, the poor babies. We miss them very much already. I can't even sleep tonight for feeling so bad about it, especially since my kids witnessed it. Anyway, thank you all for responding to the OP with your replies and suggestions which I will take to heart when we get new Bettas. I have a great Animal Planet book on Bettas, but in this case I find comfort in reading what real owners have/had to say. I never thought of myself as much of an animal lover until we got Charlie and Lola. I also never thought fish could have the impact on people like dogs and cats do, but I see I was wrong about that as well. Again, thanks for your helpful replies to the OP and it was nice of you all to offer condolences because fish really do matter. Thanks and Best Wishes to all~Harmony~
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Arashi Takamine
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Oh boy....That sounds awful...Poor betta's...One: Your betta's should never be put together not even to see if they would get along. Males and females never should be mixed unless for breeding and after careful conditioning and correct tank sizes.
If you want to try again and get more betta's I recommend getting bigger tanks (look at pottery stores for large cookie jars that are clear. My tanks are cookie jars and my betta's have not known anything else from their cups to that.) Bigger tanks also mean less waterchanges. I recommend getting a heater with either adjustable knob or pre-heated to 78 there's a 10 watt from Marina that does the job but I'm actually in the market to buy a replacement myself...I think I abused mine.

I'm very sorry for your losses it's never easy. I can only say...Comfort your kids and try again when your all ready and please feel free to ask a lot of questions if your not sure of something. Just avoid small divided tanks. (The Minibows 2.5's are really nice and some goldfish kits are pretty big too.)

And if you need more cups try asking walmarts or even petco's if they can give you some empty ones (...My dad broke mine...Accident I swear a freak accident that the Petco employee's around here will likely know us when they see us after that). Another...Definietly try to get a small first aid betta kit ready at least with Aquarium Salt and Epsom salt. Never mix this or add this regularly unless a disease occurs and never mix it even then. One or the other.

All in all...That's all I can give advice wise. Try PMing DarkMoon or OldFishLady for more sound advice. I've been learning from trial and error since the beginning so you tend to pick up a few tricks.

Again I'm so sorry for your loss and I hope you guys have better luck. It really was undeserved.
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You gotta use a thermometer during water changes. You'd be surprised to see how high, or low, the water temperature will be when you fill from the tap. I use a old gallon milk jug to get the temperature right before I pour it into the tank.
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Sorry about your two little ones :(

The safest way to get them acclimated properly to the new water is by floating their cups in the tank for 20-30 minutes or so, while every 5-10 minutes removing a bit of water from the cups, and replacing it with water from the tank. That way they acclimate to both the temp and the chemistry. A thermometer is needed to make sure you do get it within what they require.

Like mentioned above- don't try to see if they get along. They may not harm each other right away, but they will shortly after. Their wild instincts come from a male having a territory where they live, and the females pretty much only go to see a male during mating season- and leaving right after the eggs are deposited. They don't tend to stay in one place, so there is no getting along for them like a lot of other tropical fish.

What size tank are they sharing? What is the temp and is it heated properly with a heater (76-82*F)?

These guys are great little fish as they like attention and interaction with their owners, it's what makes us fall for them so easily. Mistakes happen and you are learning, which is what matters. I wish you luck in the next ones you bring home, and don't take it too hard on yourself, a lot of us started out with bettas in "goldfish" bowls lol.

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Welcome to the site!

I just did the same thing to my son's betta. I cleaned his bowl and rinsed everything out. I let the water sit about an hour after mixing the conditioner and the new water. I felt the bowl to see if it was room temp, it felt fine but when I dropped him in the water was warmer than I thought. Warm water might be better than cold but im stiil concerned. I know they are tropical fish so maybe the warmth isnt to much of a problem... can anyone ease my mind....

I'm sorry about your fish but kids bounce back quickly, mom' s make mistakes too.
If mine survives, I would like to get a tank with a filter so I dont have to clean it as often.
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Go to Petsmart and rescue a new guy!
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I've never heard of it killing a pair of them that quickly. What water conditioner were you using if you don't mind me asking? I have several jugs that I sit out and add conditioner (or meds if it's needed at the time) too and let them sit for 24 hours at least so the water can out gas. This is a strange happening, I've known betta owners who don't even treat the water and their fish survive (just give it 24 hours in open air). I know there was a rumor of some bad water conditioner a while back, was it the first time you had used that bottle?
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100% water change may have killed my Venom (pet store betta) due to a faulty bottle of water conditioner. I used Nutrafin Betta Conditioner, small bottle. It could have also been the mystery disease as I has another fish in the tank that was unaffected (breeder betta) but died a few days later.

So many bumped up old posts today :/
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Welcome to the forum and sorry about your loss...

I moved your post for you and started a new thread...this will help get it more attention.....

Ask all the question you need...we are here to help...

Again welcome and happy posting....
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Thank you all for your replies. I appreciate the tis and advice...

To answer questions (in order):
*We used a 1/2 gallon Aqueon Betta Bowl tank (no heater & no filter) with a partition that came with it.
*I did not use a thermometer to check the temp. I used warm tap water and added 16 drops of conditioner and let it sit for a little bit.

*The water conditioner I used at the time was "Splendid Betta (Complete)". Yes, it was my first time using that brand. Before that I used the sample packet of Aqueon Betta Bowl Plus water conditioner that came with the tank.

We did rescue 4 new fish. (My son decided he wanted 2 of his own.:) ) There's Edward and Bella -- a male and female Crowntail and there's Comet and Star-- a male and female 2 Veiltail. We still have them in their (own separate) store cups until I get as much info as I can. We also bought another of the Aqueon Betta bowls in the half gallon size, but the new one broke when I put the water in it-- no idea why since I didn't drop it or bang it or anything. Tonight, I'm going to put water in the old tank and add 1.25ml of conditioner and let it sit overnight. Then, I'm going to let my husband put the fish in while me and the kids are in another room--- just in case.

After reading your advice we will now be sure to keep them all separated for their safety since we don't have any plans to breed them.

*Do any of you know of any big tanks that come with partitions or a big tank that we can buy good partitions for so we can give them more room and house them side-by-side (boy, girl, boy, girl)?

* Is there a difference in water conditioners that are made for Bettas?
OR Is is a bad idea to use different brands of conditioners for the same fish?

*Is it possible to harm the fish by (accidentally) using too much water conditioner?

Thank you all in advance! ~Harmony~
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