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Some newbie fishkeeping questions. :)

So I've had my boy Sodapop for about four days now, and I still have a few things I'm not sure about...

For the record, he is in a filtered 5 gallon tank. This is currently not heated, as the temperature is staying at about 79-82F during the day and night without a heater. I'll be switching it on when the weather cools down. :)

So, questions:

1. How hot is too hot, and what can I do to cool down the water if it gets that way? Summer hasn't even started yet, and as I said about, his tanks is around 80F already without a heater, and its only going to get hotter.

2. Is it normal for him to flare constantly? I mean, every time I look in his tank, he's on patrol, flaring as the front pane of glass. I've never seen him go near his plants or mug, just flare and swim around. I'm aware the warmth is making him more active, but should I be doing something to reduce the flaring? If so, what?

3. When I do 50% changes, do dose the Prime for the full tank, or 50% of it?

4. I feed Omega One Betta Buffet - does 3 pellets in the morning, 2 at night sound decent?

5. For a filtered 5gal, am I right in saying i should do two 50% changes per week for about a month, and then drop to one 50% per week after that?

Sorry I'm such a newb, but thanks in advance for any answers. :)
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Was the aquarium cycled before you put him in? That would make a big difference in how often the water needs changing.
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No, it wasn't.
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