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Unhappy HELP!! male jumped in with other male!!

So yesterday I decided to divide a tank for my 2 male bettas. I just used craft mesh with suction cap dividers, and whilst initially I had a bit of a problem with one of them squeezing past the mesh into the other guy's section , nothing happened except a bit of flaring from them both, thankfully. I fixed up the mesh and watched them for the next hour to make sure they couldn't get through.

I went to see them this morning and they both seemed fine, both on their own side, and mainly ignoring each other. Anyway, when I got home from being at work I realised that both were in one section AND both had smaller, ragged tails I feel so terrible!!! I quickly netted one and put him back over the other side, and I think maybe he had jumped over the net - it wasn't that high above the water. I added another small temporary piece of mesh to raise it and also made sure the sides were tight, which they were

I added some melafix to help stop any bacterial infection, but do you guys have any suggestions to help them grow back their fins and how to help them heal?! Do you think they will be more aggressive after this to each other? I feel so guilty, I have only had them for a month and was trying to do the right thing by putting them in a bigger tank. Other than being stressed, they both seem ok.. they are swimming around a little and don't seem too injured except for the tails... *sigh* any help is appreciated
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You can stop the melefix since there's no bacterial infection present. Just keep teh water cleaner and they should heal up just fine.

As a solution to a jumping issue, though it can get frustrating during feeding time, a sheet or Saran wrap over the top section with some holes poked in it will stop jumping. I have to do this with the female in the middle portion of my 10 gallon since she's very aggressive and likes to jump (Found her over in one of my male's section, but thankfully he was trying to lure her to his bubble nest and she was dazed by the new surroundings).
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