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Unhappy Worried about some small finrot

My betta, Oscar, never had any disease until now. 10 days ago he started to show some small black spot on his dorsal fin, and I saw that you have to change the water once a day until it grows back when you notice the finrot after it just started, so I gave it a try.

After that I started using some anti bacterial and anti parasital medicine that I have here. I changed the water 100% once a day and added again the medicine quantity for 5 FULL DAYS, but it DIDNT WORK!

Now im REALLY SAD about him as I have like 100g of aq. salt left in my house, and where I live (Brazil), they dont sell aq. salt (amazing, isnt it?) and, as a rule, all the salt sold in markets as Walmart,etc MUST have iodine.

I will put 1 teaspoon of Aq. salt and change the water 100% everyday until it grows back? How long will that take? I will try to take a picture later and post it so you can see his finrot.

Thanks alot for the help. Is anything else I could try instead of salt? They sell some blue stuff here called marac... (its something like that) and some anti fungal and anti parasital (which I already have but doesnt works).

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Does he still have finrot?
If his finrot is gone, you don't have to keep medicating. If you've been adding the salt for that long you need to stop even if the finrot is stil there.
I don't use antibiotics as I've always tought they do more hard than good.
Keep his water clean doing daily water changes until the rot clears, regrowth of the fins happens slowly and they will not look the same as they used to.
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