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Question Fasting?

So I heard that you had to fast bettas , so I did so today for the first time before I left for school. this evening I checked on Ciel and was shocked. He had torn fins and fading colors. He is in my hospital tank, about a gallon or so, now, with his bridge. He looked unactive and was swept backward with the low current. There a few pellets in his hospital tank currently in case he decided to eat. The water was from his tabk 100%. Worried, please help?!
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I'm not sure what's wrong with your Ciel but I'm sure that fasting him is not what caused this. Most fish can go a very long time without eating.
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You have a different issue besides the fast. Every now and again I fast my betta's, it's good for them and it's good for people too. It's just bad timing I would guess, was there a reason you decided to fast him now? I've only seen a betta's fins tatter once before and it was when my 10 gallon tank turned (from guppies, or from a dead Amazon sword leaf I still don't know). Over night his fins were tattered. He pulled through though. I would get those pellets out of there honestly, food left to decay around him isn't good. Put one in at a time and if he doesn't eat it in say 10 minutes remove it. I'm betting your water turned on you, it can happen very quickly. Also you need to get him brand new water treated with prime/start right/stress coat asap. It's good to let it out gas for a few hours at least before you place him in it.
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Idk too :/
He was a perfect little boy before the fast, his fins upright and perfect and all. After the fast his tailfins just kept 'shedding'. His tail is almost fully gone now. I just got a new bag of aquarium salt after my mom threw away the last one before I got Ciel. He looks ok overall, his colors starting to come back slightly, but his dorsal fin is all droopy and stuff, but it isn't tattered in any way.
I got him a new plant and lowered the water level today. The plant however seems to be stinking of some pooplike smell. :I
How much aquarium salt am I supposed to use? I put in half a plastic disposable spoon, the type that looks like a mini pool.
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