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I recommend pm-ing Lupin, who is a member of, our parent site. He knows EVERYTHING about goldfish. It may take him a few days to get back to you but he would be my go-to guy if I wanted a goldfish.
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I've noticed my two fancy gold fish will school together a little :)
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okay, I'll keep this all in mind. Its fun learning about these other fish. I love betta's but other fish are adorable to me and those lionheads make me laugh lol. I'd def have to save for them though. how would you guys go about setting up ponds?
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Oh its a lot of work, time, and money....

Orandas are cute too... I had one. Cutest face EVER.
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Hmmph I would love to take this on. They are pretty picky fish lol. But that's ok :) once I save up money. Thank you all for this information! I love learning new things and thank you for the heads up of just how much these fish really need. I'm shocked.
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Personally, I go by the 20 gallons for the first Goldfish and 10 gallons for every added fish with 10x filtration. It's what I find most people recommend for the double tail fancy types. There is a super awesome Goldfish forum, called Koko's Goldfish-

Here is a picture of my baby Lionhead.

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Aww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cute!
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Originally Posted by Anitax3x View Post
Alright soo here are my questions

1) if I were to use a 20 gal, how many lionhead goldfish could I keep in there?

for me i go by the rule of 3g per 1 square inch of goldfish (including tail) .. if you are planning a 20g tank to start out with is fine if you get baby goldfish .. you can keep 2-3 1 inch sized baby goldfish .. but keep in mind that you will have to upgrade to a bigger tank as your goldfish grow .. and tank upgrades will have to be done before reaching the max limit for the tank ..

for example if your keeping 3 1inch baby goldfish and you use the 3g rule .. once they grow out to about 4 inches (including tail) you'll have to start thinking about upgrading to a bigger tank .. before they reach the max of 5in

the suggestions given so far are future proofing yourself from having to upgrade tanks .. because fancy goldfish (the ones that have the rounder body types such as lionheads, oranda, moors, ryukins) grow up to at least 8-9 inches and could be more in good environments .. so if you apply the 3g rule that's 24-27g per each goldfish (usually round up to 30) ..

commons, comets and koi grow a lot longer (instead of wide) vs the fancy types and i would not suggest keeping these types in any tank environment they thrive in pond environments and grow to be over a foot long

2) how would you go about setup? I read that gravel is a no no, and the less plants/decor the better

gravel is not necessarily a no-no .. you can have gravel .. as long as the gravel is coarse enough not to fit in their mouth just incase of ingestion .. goldfish will pick at the floor .. and scoop up what they can and spit it out .. the problem with finer gravel is that it can get lodged and swallowed which will cause a lot of problems .. but as long as they can't fit the gravel in their mouth .. it'll be fine ..

goldfish like to scoop whatever they can in their mouths .. and they are mostly herbivores so sometimes they will decide to nom on live plants and roots .. which is fine and safe for goldfish but bad for keeping plants alive and thriving

decor is also fine to have .. as long as there isn't holes where they could get themselves stuck or any sharp edges .. goldfish will move things around (gravel decor whatever they can) and poke at decor sometimes even knocking it over (mine like to move my internal filter so it's tilted .. and i have to fix it to be straight like every other day lol) ..

3) I plan on having a filter, possibly two, what are the best you suggest?

personally i like internal filters .. and goldfish need 2x filtration and 2x the foam pad for good bacteria to grow on .. so in a 20g tank i would suggest a filter meant for 40g or higher .. goldfish prefer to have a little surface agitation and need aeration .. you could also do 2 20g filters if you wanted to instead of getting 1 40g filter .. but i find that's less efficient since it'll take up more electrical plug space and be noisier and take up more room then having 1

4) Any advice? things you have learned about caring for them?

have to have a cycled tank .. and i would do 25% water changes every week
.. and goldfish are very very prone to getting fin rot .. so 1 of those water changes once a month i will put 1 teaspoon per 1g of aq salt for preventative measures .. the example in a 20g tank when taking out 25% .. is about 5g .. so the replacement water i put in will have a pre mix of aq salt for just the new water not dosed for the whole tank

don't feed them floating food .. goldfish might swallow air if they are up at the surface eating and this is not good for goldfish and could cause buoyancy and sbd problems if they swallow too much air

flakes .. tend to float at first then sink so if you choose to feed flakes it's best to swish around in a cup so they are already sinking before feeding .. or feed sinking pellets which is what i feed and goldfish love chasing them as they are sinking .. it's really cute =)

5) I'm thinking two in the 20 gal would be great, since they grow to about 6 inches if my research is correct.

20g is good to start out with .. but you will defiantly have to upgrade your tank later on .. goldfish on average grow 1.5-2in a year (and live a average of 20 years if taken care of properly) .. so if you start out with baby goldfish (1inch size) .. you'll have a few years to save up and plan for upgrades

6) Is it true they need 8 hours of lighting?

not true .. goldfish are fine with indirect lighting .. and don't have to have hood lighting ..

as a side note i would not suggest having a lighted hood if you choose to use glass pebbles/marbles substrate because the reflection of the hood light on the glass pebbles may cause goldfishes to freak out

Thank you SO SO SO much for answering my questions you are awesome!
=) i put my responses in blue .. sorrie for such a delayed response .. holidays are almost here and i haven't had as much time to spend on forums @_@ .. if you have anymore questions or are confuzzed on anything just PM me or ask on here... i'm posting kind of late so i might not have explained things right

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Wow. That is amazing. Thank you for such a detailed response! That is awesome. I think I'll just wait and save for a tank they can grow into :) . They are such cute fish. May I ask how a normal setup for you is?
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I'm a goldfish and koi pond owner. I keep two fancies in a 55gal with 2 HOB filters. The only problem I have is with swim bladder disease (I have a floaty goldfish). I have to feed them a diet high in greens and without any wheat (no commercial pellets). My suggestion to you is only feed high quality pellet food and make sure you get them some greens (red lettuce and spinach are good ones). Goldfish are omnivorous and need both protein and greens in their diet.

Another good goldfish site I have found is The people on the forum have been very helpful and supportive of me and my floaty goldfish.
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