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Need suggestions

I currently have two bettas that are living in 1/2 gallon "tanks". Now before ya'll get your education faces on, this is a totally temporary situation. These fish came to me before I was ready for them but I couldn't say no after seeing how they were being taken care of. Anyways, just to relieve your minds, they are now getting 90% water changes every day (compared to almost no water changes ever) and are in the warmest room in the house.

Now on to what I need suggestions for. I have a 29 gallon tank that is curently housing a kingsnake. It used to be a community tank but it's been a few years. The king is going into another reptile cage and I am going to set the 29 back up for the bettas. I plan on dividing it three ways (because I really want to get the HMPK that I was planning on before these two came into my possesion), giving each fish roughly 10 gallons each.

What would be a good filter to use for this set up? I was looking at the Tetra Whisper EX30. Is that a good one? I used to use the Aqua Clear filters but didn't really like the way the filter material compartment was setup. The Tetra one looks a little easier to switch out the filter cartridges.

What heater would ya'll recommend?

Also, I would like to do some live plants but don't want to get super fancy with special lights and all that. Is there anything that I can grow with just regular lighting? If not, I'm fine with fake plants like I used before.

I've attached a pic of my new fishies. The one on the left is Purple Haze and the one on the right is Maui Waui. Please remember, these crappy things they are living in are temporary!!!! Two weeks at the most!!

Manda in Seattle, WA
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Interesting names Beautiful Crowntails you have there, do they flare at each other much? Good luck on dividing the 29g!
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Normally I keep a piece of paper between them so they can't see each other.

I'll be sure to post of pics of the big tank when I finally get it running. I'm currently gathering the supplies that I need for it. I just hope it tuns out half as good as the image I have in my mind!!!

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Draug Isilme
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Really, if you go for low light/maintenance plants, then they're really just one step above being a normal house light. 6500k is your main concern, although you do have to worry about watts per gallon/lumens, but not as much as you'd think.. I got a 10w 6500k at Target for my tank. Nothing fancy to it really and it does its job ^.^
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