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Talking Thanks to you guys I bought a 5g

Hello everyone,
So I'm usually reading the comments and learning things that I would never consider. To be honest I've had my betta for 2 months now and i'm actually exahusted. This was suppose to be the easiest thing ever, but instead it's almost like taking care of a baby! I guess I will give a little background of my betta experience.

It started off at a child care centre I used to work at. I'm sure some of you know where I'm going with this. When i started working there they had a betta in a regular size vase. It had all kinds of grooves so you couldn't really see the betta unless you looked at the top. The other teacher filled me in on how to care for it and it was cool how this fish could survive with little care. My dad had fish for 35 years and they needed so much stuff.

I moved to another province and since I was feeling a little lonely I decided to get a betta. I went and bought a 1.5 gallon vase from winners and actually i was so proud of myself for finding this and it was only $3 (double score). So I went home set up my new home and that week I went to purchase my betta. I wish he wouldve told me to wait a week or 2, but anyways i brought him home...singing and skipping.

After sometime I researched a little because I noticed he was acting strange. Couldn't figure out what was really wrong with him. He was making bubble nests, but he was throwing up food after a few hrs and rubbing on things. I thought it was him just being weird. long story short, I noticed it was hard to really help him in my small size. So now i have a 5 gallon. He's doing better because i haven't seen him rubbing himself and he is active, but no bubble nests and his fins are still looking poorly. I'm sure he is still sick, but I'm hoping he shows some signs of improvement in the warm water. It could be nothing because he's been like this for a month now and is still alive. tomorrow i'll have to get a fluorescent bulb because the one i have makes the tank really hot.

I'm happy to be doing what i can, but initially this was suppose to cost at the most $20-30 but with the 5g, plus the different meds and plants after plants (because the live ones kept dying), the ph, the (floating therm.)....I spent well over 100 dollars.

Whoever said bettas are easy are LIARS and need to be jailled.

also I have a question...
I know the tank should have a lid on it, but honestly i think he likes it without. Where i had him before was in the middle of my living area. He could see everything and used to follow me from from one side to the next. Now he can't really see me because i needed to put him next to a wall.
I took off the lid because the water was gettign hot from the light and he started dancing around and acting happy like. It sounds weird but i think he likes it off because he can see out or something...i know its weird. He also watches me dance!!! and i think he dances with me. :s

Do you think its safe to remove the lid from time to time and also should i try the parasite tablets. I have a feeling he might have that... inner and outer
If you shine a light on your Betta does he have tiny black specks on his fins? He's a blue veil with hints of red,green and gold.

Sorry about the long long post. I hope some of you actually get to read it.


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Just wanted to say, if you remove the lid he could very easily jump out. BEttas are great jumpers! So no, leave the lid on please lol
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That is exactly why I like glass lids for my tanks...I like to watch my bettas swim around from the above view.
These are nice:

I would hold off on the medications until youre really sure he has a parasite...Does he have white spots? is there anything stringy like hanging from his scales? is his poop white and stringy? Most fish itch because of ich or velvet ....Ich is white spots that look like salt...velvet looks like gold rust. Do you have any photos of the black spots? It could just be his coloring...
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Also, a heater is something you need too. Bettas are tropical fish, so they need temperatures of 77-82F, which can be achieved with a 25W adjustable heater for your tank.
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Don't forget to get someone to sit in front of the tank for hours and talk to the betta and wiggle fingers at the betta.

Strangely I've found it a requirement...
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