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Question Need some opinions.

I'm going to do my VERY BEST to describe what she looks like. I cannot get a picture of her because, well, she's acting completely normal and won't sit still -_- My betta, Juliet, has two white patches. Both of them are oval-shaped. She doesn't have ick, I know this for a fact. It's just these two white oval patches. They're both on her right side. One is on her upper back and the other is close to her tail. One looks "worse" than the other. It actually looks like she lost scales, and that's why both areas are "white." I have a couple theories, and honestly, I've done way too much research. There aren't a lot of answers on the internet for this :/ She's eating fine, hyper as ever, isn't rubbing herself on anything, isn't bleeding, etc, etc. I've already tried AQ salt for several days now, and it's REALLY hard to say if it's helping.... again... she won't hold still so I can look at her. I set up a new tank to quarantine her until she heals or until I figure out what's wrong with her.

-She's in a community tank with (several other tropical fish and) 3 other female bettas. Is it possible that both white spots are bite wounds?

-Is it possible that she is losing scales due to stress from any fighting between the girls?

At this point, I firmly believe that it is not a parasite or fungal infection. I've done too much research on those and it just doesn't match. The way I see it, if she's being bullied by the other girls and is too stressed, moving her into the new tank will help. If it's an infection, moving her will help and I can treat her. Any thoughts?
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If it's not cottony, nor is she showing other signs of internal parasites.. then I would have to say she lost her scales either from scuffles with another, or possibly getting stuck next to a decoration and she rubbed them off trying to get out.
AQ salt won't "fix" but it's not bad you put her in it, this way the chances of an infection is lessened.
Only thing you need to keep an eye on now I would say, is the 3 other girls.. make sure 2 don't start picking on one together, etc. Otherwise, if it's not inflamed, red, bleeding.. I would just keep her in clean water. It could take a while for it to heal, so may consider soon to return her home and just up the water changes a little in the home tank to keep it clean.
Not much else to offer since without seeing it, can't really say one way or another if it's infected, a disease or just wounds. If you have some stress coat, that may help her out a little in the healing dept.
Hopefully someone else will come along who can offer some sound advice, as right now I can't think of anything else you could do for her.
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Thank you so much for the response. That's some really good advice :) I'll definitely do some extra cleaning tomorrow and keep an eye on ALL of the fish :D
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