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The Prince's Commons

My blue veiltail betta, Prince Kaida (the name Kaida means 'little dragon' in Japanese; it was the only Asian name I liked that I could find.) is currently living like a king in his 5-gallon Aqueon MiniBow desktop aquarium with an 8" white ribbon plant (I think) and a silk plant...I think it would seem boring to swim around in the empty space in the middle. I want to add some toys, but I'm unsure what would be safe for His Majesty.
I already want to put a ZooMed Floating Betta Log in a corner with an airstone lined up with the entrance (bubble wall~!), and I want to get a nice, colourful parakeet ladder for him to play in, but all the plastic ones I could find had mirrors on them.
Should I nick the ladder idea or just make a cover for the mirror, and pull it up to give him some exercise every now and again?
Have you all any creative ideas for toys? Also, bells--would those be any fun for a fish underwater?
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i don't think the bells would do much under water and definately don't want to keep a mirror in there 24/7, does he have any caves to hide in? i'm sure he will love the log, my male Rebel has one, but maybe another cave in the gravel. Terra cotta pots are cheep and look nice in tanks and make a great house, or you can buy a special fish cave or rock type structure for him
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Just want to say, I have a Kaida too but mines female. She's a blue dragon marble HM :) Welcome to the forum!
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