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Sugar Snap Peas

I've never fed a pea before, so I want to make sure this is what I'm supposed to do.. I went to the store to find fresh peas and the only kind of peas they sell unfrozen are sugar snap peas. They come in a pod and you open them up and there are like three round things in there.. that's what I want, right?

Or do I need regular garden/green peas?

Now what do I do..
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Personally I wouldn't use peas, if your betta has bloating issues you could use Epsom Salts found at your local pharmacy (or a walmart in the pharmacy). Usually I do 1tsp per gallon of salt, more if the case requires it. 10 days. I am sure there will be more comments though :)
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I second this... I've heard peas are a nono. epsom salt is a widely accepted cure and has the most positive feedback... if simply fasting your fish ( not feeding him for about three days ) and cutting back on his feeding doesn't help, you should use epsom salt. MAKE SURE IT DOESN'T HAVE COLORS OR SCENTS. and epsom only, DO NOT USE TABLE SALT. I hope your little guy gets to feeling better... <3

I've found that feeding my betta two pellets in the morning and one at night and fasting him one day once a week keeps my boy's swim bladder pretty happy...
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Epsom salts stress fish, while pea is stress free. So.. I guess I'm not understanding why one would choose a stressful treatment over something more natural and stress free. Why are peas bad? It's a common treatment, and all other sites I've been on have said it's better to start with a pea because of its lower stress, so I'm just trying to understand why epsom salt is a popular first step here.. Also, since my boy was already in a tetracycline bath he couldn't also be in epsom salt as the combined treatment would be too stressful on his delicate system.

How often are bettas supposed to poop? He pooped yesterday so I gave him a pellet today but he hasn't pooped since.. over 24 hrs again..

He normally gets two in the morning and one at night and constipation has never been an issue in 3 years, but unfortunately he's come down with an internal infection that was messed up his digestive tract and I'm trying to regulate that while treating the infection :(

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Epsom salt (not Aquarium salt) is not stressful, in fact it can be quite soothing to a bloated fish. However, I do agree that it's probably not a good idea to combine it with tetracycline. Peas should be your absolute last resort, as in the fish is going to die and you've tried everything else already. If he's bloated, fasting is the best thing for him. If he's constipated, holding up a mirror and letting him flair for a bit will usually take care of the problem. Peas are way too rough on their delicate digestive systems, bettas are not meant to digest plant matter. As far as how often they should poop, mine poop maybe once or twice daily. If you must feed him something to get rid of his bloat, frozen or live daphia would be your best route.

*edit* if he has an internal infection, epsom salt would be highly beneficial for him, it helps draw the infection out. If tetracycline is all you have, and he's responding well to it, then continue with it, but it has been overused in medicating fish so it is not as effective at treating infections as it used to be. If you can get it, API General Cure, API Erythromycin, or a combo of Maracyn 1 and 2 plus 1 to 2 teaspoons of epsom salt per gallon would be a good treatment for him. These meds are safe to use with epsom.

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