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Highly agressive fin rot?

Originally Posted by inkrealm View Post
my boy's always had fin issues, even in absolutely pristine water...
about two nights ago he got a sudden and vicious case of what seemed to be finrot... since he had just had a water change, I removed his plants and part of his gravel ( as it was a little thick in some areas ) wondering if they could be harboring the culprit... I then did an over 50% water change with two teaspoons FW AQ Salt ( API ) to the gallon and API Stress Coat+ Conditioner with Prime. the rot briefly stopped, but by the next day or so it had eaten a rip right down to his body. since I had JUST changed the water again a few hours before ( filtered five gallon ) I gave up and moved him into the cup he came home in. he's now in there with pre-treated water, 2 teaspoons FW AQ Salt to the gallon, Prime, and Stress Coat again, floating in the tank... this morning his tail was shorter, but he ate some of what fell off so I can't tell if it was just the rays falling off or if it's still eating...

here's a picture and video of him last night if you want to see it...
his tail is shorter now though.
also the fin rot is only attacking his TAIL, the top fin was due to a run in with the filter intake and HAS NOT BEEN EFFECTED BY THE FIN ROT. please don't confuse them ><
is there a chance this is a parasite since it's only attacking the tail?...
is there anything else I can do for him now?...


massively appreciated.....

edit: if you see where that little notch in his tail is... picture that down chopped off, and that's about how it is now... maybe a little thinner too... do you think it could have fallen off or do you think it's still eating?.... this really worries me if it ate all that off.... it should have stopped progressing or at least slowed down with the two teaspoons AQ salt and new water, right?.... :/

please help if you know anything else I can do... :/
have not used medicine yet as I know it's a last resort... do have Maracyn ( SP? ) I and II on hand though....

if you have any treatment advice please include dosage instructions if it's not too much trouble.... never used anything but fresh water and AQ salt treatments....

EDIT: it is now attacking his bottom fin.. ten minutes ago it looked fine, now the edges are all tattered and fraying.... I've never had a case move this fast or in this way.... does anyone know what's going on and how to stop it?... I've just been adding in more fresh water when this happened... I'm literally in the middle of a water change, this is not ammonia....

it's just falling off in flakes and chunks....

should I try the medicine?... I don't know what this is, I'm right in the middle of adding fresh water treated with FW AQ Salt and it has just WORSENED....

EDIT: it has just now started attacking the top fin.... the new growth is gone, there's hardly anything left now...

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