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TL;DR summary at the bottom.

Just a bit of an update on what I've been up to since I disappeared from this site.

Since I've left, I last noted that I lost Rowan and Nights. I went on a trip after that to see my fiance, where Eli travelled with me and is now living in a 10g tank all to himself. That lucky half-blind betta. Fiance's making sure he doesn't kill my giant teddy bear either... good. He better not. >)

As I came back from California, Jade apparently caught quite a few illnesses. My granpa also apparently didn't know I had a fish in the bowl because, since he was sick, Jade'd been hiding most of the time. But his many ailments were too much and the next morning after I quickly put him in treatments, he passed. I'm not completely saddened, though, since he was an old guy and I have had many great memories of the beautiful marble halfmoon.

As some of you know (or may have even forgotten), I've had drawing requests asked of me since even weeks before I left. Unfortunately I've gotten hammered with commissions and others that I needed to get done, as well as some financial concerns I needed to take care of. I'm announcing here (and will on the old thread) that I'm no longer taking requests until I catch up again, and those who already asked for drawings will still get their pictures. I'll need a little bit of time, though.

Between Halloween and now, I adopted two bettas from my LPS where I work. While I pledged not to buy anymore bettas unless I lost one in my sorority, this excluded sick bettas from work. We care really well for the bettas there, giving them daily water changes since their cups are smaller than Petsmart's or Petco's. Any sick bettas usually are so because the supplier sent them that way, or they just did not travel well. (In most cases, it's that the supplier sends them that way.)

One was a dragon HM with unknown ailments. He looked a little bloated and I noticed he never ate much. When I took him home I treated him with epsom and a bit of AQ salt because he also had a small trace of rot.
He did not last but three says after he acme home... I find out now that he had internal parasites that slowly ate him away.

The last one was a veiltail that looked a lot like my late HM Jade; red fins, dark blue body. He had a horrible fungus attack and fin rot that ate half of all his fins away and made a hole above his head. He lasted for almost a week after I brought him home. Despite sign of getting better, he died of a heart attack. Poor guy was in a dark and rather secretive place while healing (was very easily stressed), but something apparently scared him so bad, he spazzed around his QT drumbowl, leapt out of the water 6-7 times, and suddenly became stiff.

I plan to continue these rescues until Dec. 25th. I cannot continue afterwards because I leave for the USAF on Jan. 2nd. With that said, I may adopt out a fish or two... or ask some people to help care for him while I'm gone, granted that they'll send him back to me when I'm out of training. I'll discuss this later.


Jade the marble butterfly HM died,
two badly sick rescues were adopted out to me but died from their already bad ailments.

Eli has been rehomed to an awesome 10g all to himself, cared for by my fiance.

Drawing requests I've had for a while are going to be resumed shortly (I have one commission I need to finish first), any more requests will not be taken until further notice.

I leave for USAF Jan. 2nd; may adopt out some bettas -OR- ask a few users on to care for them, granted that the fish will be sent back safe&sound when I'm able to have them again.
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Aww no, I'm SO sorry. That's always really hard.

I'm glad you're rescuing the few now! I can't wait to see some of them.
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Thanks for the condolences... I always seem to lose fish when I have to go out of state for a little while. Which is why I'm thinking about having others take care of them during the 8-12 weeks I'll be gone. I love my granfather and all, and he used to breed bettas so he knows well enough how to care for them, but... well, I just have a lot of fish and I know he can't fully care for them all.

I'd post their pictures on here if I had a chance to take any before they died. Poor things... but yeah, I love that my bosses are letting me take home the sick bettas since really it's hard for us to treat each individual one... especially if they arrived to us sick. :P

Although now that I think about it, I may have a few pictures of the first one I took home. I'll go through my memory cards and post them here if I find any. :)

Our store's moving/moved to a bigger location... so I might not be bringing home any rescues for a while until we open the doors again and can get more shipments.
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