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Post Advice?

Hello! I'm new to this site and I wanted to introduce myself and kindly ask for some advice.

My name is Gianna and I'm 13. Several months ago I walked into a LFS. (Local Fish Store) I just wanted to pick up some fish food for my dad's 72 gallon saltwater aquarium and some flakes for my comet gold fish, Mr.Fish.
I just happened to walk past a shelf with some bettas and I stopped. Now, lemme get this straight. A certain fish has never caught my eye before, but this one black and blue betta stood out. He was gorgeous, (And later I figured out overpriced) and he reminded me of a girl I really liked. (I have no idea how...) So i bought him. I had not a single idea of how much I had just gotten myself into. The fish store manager told me all you had to do was keep him in a small bowl and feed him daily and clean his bowl weekly. Now, this was obviously false information. Because I was doing 100% water changes on his bowl every day. I was sure this wasn't good for him so I bought him one of those medium sized critter ceepers.
He was happy for a long time but one day I noticed his fins getting shorter. He sat at the bottom of his tank all day. So I bought a smaller critter ceeper as a hospital tank. I did lots of research and found he was much too cold. I set him on my bathroom counter next to a touch lamp I kept on. I gave him some fin rot medicine too. He started to look better after a while. After all this, I had decided that my comet goldfish was just too much work. I went to the LPS and returned him. And guess what? It happened again. I walked past the bettas.

There I met my second child. He was the last crowntail betta and he looked rather torn up and small. I bought him anyway, and named him Lelouch. (By the way my first bettas name is Knightmiir)
I took him home in a plastic 1/2 gallon tank with a divider. I never planned on using the divider until I found my third.
My third is a veiltail with a bluish-purple tint. Similiar to Knightmiir. I named him Banshee.
You probably think i'm crazy huh? Well I beg to differ, cuz this site is filled with people just like me I'm sure.
Just a few days ago, I took home my fourth. He's white with blue patches. His name is Paxton.
Anyway, I have Knightmiir (Blue/black veiltail), Banshee (blue/purple veiltail), Lelouch (Red/cream crowntail) and Paxton (White/blue veiltail).

So I have a veiltail in a 1/2 gallon, another in a small hospital tank, and two in a 1/2 gallon. I don't have much money, so whenever I do get some extra cash, it all goes straight to the kids. Knightmiir is still in his hospital tank and this is where I get to the advice part.

Knightmiir is special to me. He's the oldest of my kids. I don't know what's wrong with him. He still sits at the bottom of his tank and his fins are rather short. He still eats like a pig and moves around when I come close. His colors are dull now, and I did an hour's worth of reseach on his condition. I looked at all different kinds of diseases. But none of them match. I saw one article that caught my attention though. Old age. I've had him for around seven months now. Do you think this could be the problem? I'd greatly appreciate your feedback.

Oh and does anyone know of some good heaters out there that are affordable?

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you never know, particularly with bettas, how long they've been there. The problem with them is that you can't keep them with anything else hardly, and that puts people off of buying them.

100% water change on non-filtered water is pretty much what you're supposed to do.

i'd say, if he's been sitting on the bottom of his bowl for months, he may just like doing that. Especially if he's eating.

A couple things tho. You definitely need to find a way to get their bowls/tanks to proper temp and keep them there.
What are you feeding him? might want to switch it up from time to time and some foods just aren't right for bettas.
Water changes, especially if you don't have filtration, need to be done daily, and the water needs to be treated for chemicals that come in tap water. they make some conditioners that are specifically for bettas.

Hope that helps. I'm sure someone else will be along with anything i missed or got wrong.
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I would get them into something a little bigger when you can because heating smaller tanks can be very difficult sometimes.... I use penn plax cascade heat heaters and they work nice are about 14 dollars and are sold at petsupermarket.
when bettas get cold they can become sluggish and also makes them more likely to become ill...
in my opinion, it is easier to house and keep multiple male bettas happy by dividing up one bigger tank...that way you only need one heater per tank...You can divide a 10 gallon 2 ways and a 20 gallon long can be divided for 3-4 bettas.Sometimes you can find nice deals on fishtanks on craigslist or at thriftstores.
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Thank you so much for the advice! :)
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