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QT Tank Question?

so I put my betta in the cup he came home in for treatment... but I was just wondering... I know in uncycled tanks ammonia will build up on the sides and decor even with every few hour water changes... how long should I wait to do a 100 in his cup? right now I use a turkey baster to change his water every few to twelve hours to keep it good and clean with minimal stress... at what point should I do a 100? thankyou... ^-^;;;
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Depending on the treatment you're doing, usually 100% daily is advised. I'm only saying the treatment part since I've done twice+ 100% changes on a cup for a fish with chemical burns.

If it's just qt before adding to a tank, then 100% daily will still be good.
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it's for finrot.... where should I put him while I scrub it? 0.o
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If you have two cups to use for QT this works really well...but anything that is human grade for liquid will work...if you fear too much soap residue-give it a rinse in vinegar to cut the soap residue then a good clean water rinse before the first time you use it.......

QT container should be on the smaller side and bare-that can be floated in a heated tank to maintain water temp-covered and attached-so the Bettas doesn't jump out or the QT sink.....

By using a small QT and premixing the treatment water in a 1gal jug-gives you more control, better for observation, allows tannins to steep and salt to dissolve-if used- ease of water changes and by using a bare QT this helps to rule out the environment as the cause especially with fin damage....

With most treatments-especially natural type treatments...water changes are part of the treatment too.....often just clean dechlorinated water from water changes is all that is needed...along with takes time regardless of what treatment you do/use......

Ammonia doesn't build up as fast as you may think.....but this can also be based on the food...poor quality food that is not utilized by the fish will be excreted into the water.....
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i try to always have a good qt available after an early mistake i made. i hate the learning curve. no happy endings
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Location: Pluto, North Carolina [ mountain region ]
mountaintrout- yikes, I know what you mean :(

thanks Pataflafla and OFL,,

I picked up the smallest critter keeper they had today for about five dollars. I'll place him in there when I have to clean the cup ^-^ I didn't want to use another cup because I figure moving him between the two would be stressful.... pouring |c this is just large enough that I can dip the cup and have him swim in and out. <3 I have tons of medicine and lotion and mess on my hands though so I'll do that day after tomorrow >.<
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