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I just got hornwort. I was apprehensive, but it was a good deal. Now I LOVE it. They don't shed nearly as much as I thought... maybe 5 nettles a day. It's been in there 3 days now and I can barely see them. Very very hardy and doesn't root! Great for 100% water changes. I would also suggest anacharis. Except anacharis can melt and doesn't handle as much as hornwort, in my opinion.

And that isn't an extreme bioload. Nerite snails absolutely do not have an extreme bioload! As I said, it isn't anything compared to apple snails. I said that amount because 1 snail and 2 shrimps will do just fine. Very minimal bioload and they don't take up much room. 2 snails and no or 1 shrimp isn't bad, either.

I get the shrimp thing... definitely! But maybe consider a nerite? _
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Draug Isilme
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PewPewPew made a list of a fair amount of low maintenance plants on here ^.^ In my own tank, I have wisteria for my background, one anubias, two marimo balls (gonna get one more), and microsword which is the only plant in there that really needs attention, but all it really needs are root tabs. Averagely, the tabs are around $10 and under and last about a month. I'm also thinking of getting duckweed, which grows uber fast, but they're not high maintenance, either and provide alot of cover, which is something bettas like ^.^
But yeah, enough about my tank xD I hope you find the right plants for you and it helps with your algae problem ^.^ Good luck!
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Draug Isilme
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Location: Arkansas
Laughing: How much waste would you say nerite snails produce? Have you calculated the bioload it produces per day and calculated how much waste it would produce until a water change is needed and incorporated how it would fair with a betta and/or other aquatic creatures?
Sorry, not trying to be rude, I'm just trying to learn myself. I've personally have grown fond of snails, especially after owning a mystery snail for the first time, and I like the idea that nerites are smaller and produce less waste.
Anyway, I'll agree with you that they won't produce as much waste in comparison to mystery snails, but I mainly agree because nerites get about an inch if not less and apple snails can very from 2-6 inches in diameter depending on the type. From what I've read, if I understand it correctly, the algae will take in the ammonia and basically store it for food- you have a snail or fish eat it, it basically recycles that algae and expels the ammonia back, no real increase at all, although since the algae is getting the ammonia from somewhere (fish or excess food/pieces of dead plants), then obviously water changes will still be needed. Although, when the algae starts to die down or is non-existent, you need to feed your snails now by hand. That food will turn into ammonia/waste causing an increase in the waste that's already in the water.... So that being said, in a 2.5g, is it still fine to have so many critters in the same tank, especially since it can't hold a stable cycle? I'm not sure how much waste bettas produce, either, as I've only gone by the inch per gal rule without knowing there was actually a way to calculate the bioload up until now. Although when I get the chance and figure it out, I'm gonna try to calculate the bioload- mainly for the sake of knowing and learning something I think would be useful in the future ^.^;;;
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AQ Advisor puts a nerite snail at 80% of the stocking level of a 2.5g tank & a betta at an additional 26% giving you a total of 106% with just the pair. Adding additional snails does not add another 80% each time, but as that puts you over already & would in most cases be enough to take care of any & all algae I wouldn't push it farther.
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