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pyro fiend
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this dont exactly invulv breeding but figured i should ask u breeders

i was wondering.. is it normal for a small fry girl to pretty much only be at the top of the tank wanting food pretty much all day..

i got her maby a month ago and she was realy tiny. shes a female ct and have her in a 1g drum [50% change 2xweek 100% once] and shes maby an inch long. but only seems to sit at the top. she swims fine and she will sometimes play at the bottom in these 2 shot glasses i put in there for hides. but seems like she stays up by the top... im not so worried about her seeing how shes healthy.. small but healthy... sofar i only have her on a biogold diet. as she cant eat anything i feed my boys [full sized males] wich at this time of the yr is mainly just 3-4 diferent kinds and sizes of betta foods. so that one sertin food dont get too boring.

so im rly wondering. is this normal? she has a few plants n there and she is realy small so this 1g is more then enough space for her. but is it normal for them to be like hovering aruond the top as babies? my boys tend to just swim around not hover by the top..
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Hi, I requested a mod move to your post to another area of the forum like betta fish care or something but I wanted to respond either way. In general it's normal for bettas to hang near the top so that they can get air from the surface. They also sometimes float near the top if they are sleeping. Betta fry should be fed at least twice daily so that might be why she seems hungry! If you want good fry food info you can google betta fry care and find extensive information. You can also do a forum search to find out the same information.
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