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Betta care

soo, my friend went on holidays for three months and left me her three bettas, she gave me some instructions on how to look after them but after seeing how she cared for them and the state the betta fish were living in, i wasnt sure about following her advise. im really worry the fish are going to die or get sick under my supervision, so please help me and advise me on how to look after these little beauties.
The current conditions...
Bettas are living in small glass bottles (after reading lots about how important a big tank is, this seems horrible!!) there is nothing but two soft rocks at the bottom of each bottle. I've been changing the water every 2 days and feeding them once a day. (my friend told me to change the water once a week but after seeing how dirty it gets i've changed it twice). They are happily making bubble nests, eating all the food, and being really active whenever im around!
What can i do to make the happier?? please consider i will return them in 3 months and changing tanks will not be affordable for me :( I just want to give them the best care i can with low cost maintenance!
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Welcome to the forum.....since this is going to be short term project for you....and depending on the size of the containers they are in...while not ideal-it can be done......when I hear bottle I think less than half that is the water change instruction I will give......

First I would place them in the warmest part of the house to try and keep the water at 76-80F and make 3-weekly water changes...2-50% and 1-100%...pour half the water out and replace with like temp dechlorinated water with the partial changes and with the sure and re-acclimated them back to the new water chemistry by adding small amounts of the new water to the holding container over 10 min or so before you add them back to the bottles.....

If the bottles are larger than half the size and we can give you water change needs based on the you have a thermometer on hand and what type of dechlorinator are you using.....
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