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*Sigh* Here we go again(SBD keeps coming back)

Just a bit of background, My poor fish Red can't seem to catch break from SBD/Bloat. He had a really severe case a couple months ago in which I thought he was going to die, but he managed to pull through after I started adding epsom salt to his water. After a couple doses of that, daily 50% water changes and 2 days of fasting he was good to go. And he was problem free for a couple weeks. But Since then he had been getting very mild cases of SB on and off, although it was nothing serious and a skipping a meal would usually nip the problem in the butt.

To my dismay a few days ago after I'd given Red a couple NLS pellets he blew up like a balloon, and I knew I shouldn't have fed him that, to be honest I should've stopped giving him pellets a while ago because they seem to cause too many problems with Red, but the mosquitos haven't laid any new eggs in the bucket outside, so I have no usable larvae(ones right now are too small), and I just ran out of frozen bloodworms. The other fish do fine on pellets.

He's had SBD and bloat ever since. It's nearly impossible for him to swim down, it's as if theres a tiny balloon lodged in his stomach. He is sometimes gets so exhausted he floats on his side for a couple minutes before turning himself semi-upright again. He hasn't eaten anything but mushed up peas all week(I've been giving him 1/4 of a thawed, skinned pea every other day). Oddly enough He still has a ravenous appetite, he muscles up the strength to chase my finger around, and when I give him his pea fragment he chases it down all the way to the bottom and attempts to search around at the bottom incase he missed a piece before letting himself shoot towards to surface again.

I'm trying to keep his water as clean as possible, he has a heater, and I have him in an extra large critter keeper(a little over half full) with no gravel at the moment and I've added a tablespoon of epsom salts, still no change.

I'm definitely running out of options, any suggestions would be helpful, I'll send a picture when I can. I have been toying with the idea of going to desperate measures and giving him a straight up epsom bath(I have a mini critter keeper thats a little under 1/2 a gallon and I was thinking of putting a heaping teaspoon of salt in there and letting him sit in there for 5 or 10 minutes. Thats honestly the only option i can think of but I'dl like some other opinions.
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Try using Daphnia instead of the pea. It might help. :)
A bath isn't really going to do much; He'll need to be in the Epsom salt for about a week to see any improvement. So I'd do 1tsp per gal. for 7-10 days and see if that doesn't help any.
Do the pellets float?
When I had goldfish, I fed them floating pellets and almost every month or so the black moor would have SBD. I read that it's from gulping air while trying to get at the food, and his SBD passed within a couple days.
Perhaps this is what's going on with the pellets? ...not sure.

Good luck! :D
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