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Old 01-09-2012, 09:17 AM   #31 
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The first shipment that came in at the Petco I frequent were just normal juvenille betta's, all about 1/4 to 1/2in long. I got a baby betta from this batch who did great until she decided that living outside of the tank was better than inside . The new ones they have are for SURE culls. They are TINY, 1/8th inch clear things with bent spines. Petco for sure gets these from Thailand or some overseas breeders. I have a post on my discussion with the Petco manager and employee in the breeding section or search my name, it's very interesting. I wish Petco would just start placing these guys in a heated tank then sorting them as they grow. They use tap water with conditioner to do water changes, they live a pretty hard life in these cups that's for sure.
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The ones I have seen seem to be bent spines or anything but they are TINY.

Mine is doing very well in "her" little cup. I was syphoning out dirty water with fresh via a syringe and she was floating in a heated tank. However I had to pack up all the fishies since I am leaving today and I am worried about "her" not getting enough heat on this trip. She is about as big as a thumbtack and transparent.
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Old 06-28-2012, 04:59 PM   #33 
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Baby betta thriving

I recently picked up a baby Betta from Petco -- and the little thing is absolutely thriving. It certainly wasn't any more difficult than raising guppy fry -- heck, it was substantially EASIER.

And, since I just want a "desk" companion, it didn't matter to me what variety or even what gender. It's just a cool, potentially pretty, inexpensive little Betta who's already doubled its size in two weeks, recognizes me instantly, and is developing nice rich colors.

I think it's probably a female -- but the colors are still coming in rich and pleasant. I'm not at all disappointed that I took the chance.
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I have a friend who works for Petco and he says that they are all shipped from a company in san diego. Basically mass producers in SD, California. But I don't know if that goes for all Petcos, of course different areas get their fish from different places but I'm in SF so that's where ours come from.
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