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Terrible news

So I came home from my thanksgiving vacation. Had the Eheim auto-feeders running for the 17 days I was away from school on my 10g and 29g. I come back and My sorority is dead. Columnaris outbreak at some point while I was away. I know this because I had 2 girls left with very white lips left of the 9 I had in the tank. I tried to QT but they died that night. I noticed that I lost half of my female guppies as my ratio that was 1:2 is now 2:1 male to female in the guppy pool. Also had 8 cories and I am down to 6. Sadly I do not know where most of the bodies ended up. There was only 1 betta stuck to the filter and I see the remnants of one fish skull, which appears to be a betta due to its size on the floor.

I guess my next question is how do I go about cleaning the tank? I still have a dozen fish but I assume they will either all eventually succumb to Columnaris. I do not have room to QT all of them as I only have a single Gallon QT tank and a couple of betta cups that I had bought the girls in. Do I need to do a 100% water change and kill my cycle and recycle the tank or what is needed to be done? Also if i remove the fish will the Columnaris die off on its own without any hosts or can it still thrive on plant matter as I have it pretty well planted at this point?

Any help advise would be greatly appreciated
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Dang...thats too bad-bummer to come home too......since you can't QT or use salt with the live plants and corydoras...I would start making 50% daily water changes and get the temp down to the 75-76F range over a few hours.....

Columnaris is ever present in our tanks waiting for the right conditions to infect-no amount of cleaning will get rid of it....the fish immune response is what keeps it from infection them.....some condition can make it worse-like still water, high organic load and high temps....if your filters are baffled you may want to open them up-clean the filter media for better water flow, turn off the lights to limit stress, hold food for a few days and hope the remaining fish are healthy enough to survive......

The worse ones-you may want to QT and start high dose aquarium salt 3tsp/gal, low temp, airstone, dim lights....

Good luck and keep us posted.....

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Wow, funny you mentioned those things, I've already undone the baffle and got the flow going, I plan to do some major water changes over the next few days and I turned the temp down since I know that if its thriving now where I have it, and since I have cories and guppies I was going to try to push it down to 72 degrees gradually. I think my corys may try to spawn from the cold temp but that will be neat i guess. I'll have to keep you posted on the changes if it worsens or not over the next bit.
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