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You were named after the first betta fish I ever got. What an honor it was to give you that name considering he was also my first try at owning fish at all. I got the original Jeffrey as a party favor at a friends sweet 16 party, which was neat and weird at the same time. Ive never owned a fish before but I was more than eager to do so. He came with a measly little bowl and no decorations what so ever, so I quickly got him a heated 3.5 gallon. Unfortunately the stress of the party and moving got the best of him and he didn't make it. Fast forward to July. WE had just gotten back from vacation and I was looking to get another male betta. I browsed through our local petsmart and saw all the pretty bettas flaring and squirming very happy to see someone. But you were way in the back. Hidden from anyones view. You looked really sad and old, like you had given up hope. You were the one I wanted. I wanted to make your life as good as I possibly could. I gave you the best 10 gallon tank I possibly could. You hung in there with me through so many different learning experiences. You went through 3 different tank cycles, and ammonia spikes. You went through my medical trials to try and cure fin rot. You were always there to great me in the morning eagerly awaiting to swim in my hand and eat. You were my little man. Recently you started having trouble swallowing which I figured was just constipation and would go away. Not too long after you stopped coming out to see me in the mornings. Yesterday I realized you had dropsy, and you were swollen so bad :( You looked like you were in so much pain and finally tonight I couldn't take it. The same man who bought you and treated you the best he could cried as he put you down tonight. Im so sorry buddy. I couldn't watch you suffer anymore. I couldn't stand by and watch you sit in pain. I know you are in a happy place and that one day I will be able to give you a home again. No matter what life it is. I love you Jeffrey. I don't cry for much...but I couldn't help it with you. I hope the pain is gone now :(

I Made Jeffrey a little grave in the yard with a little rock with his name on it. I didn't want him to be forgotten :(

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Those are the best pictures I currently have access to :(
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Heart felt story. You did best by Jeffery. I'm sorry for your loss.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.
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