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Avenger has Columnaris

When I got Avenger, I originially thought he jut had inflammed gills, treatment for that wet reasonably well, though I was certain that his left gill was perm. damaged (curls out slightly)
Well, it did not take long for Avenger to show other signs
Fins began rapidly disinigrating, and I mean I would would wake up the next day and chunks would be missing, white spots were on the edges of most of his fins, including his pectorial fins (one which is now half gone)
Most of his fins are tipped in red spots and red spots near his pectorial fins/gills
His spine alsp often formsan S shape and he seems "stuck" there for a ime period
His apetite has been okay (he is a picky eater and once food touches the bottom he wont eat it), but he has been eating
He is clamped up almost all of the time and has been acting lethargic (improvements on both of these today)
I have been doing daily 100% water changes, he is in a QT and I have been careful not to mix anything of his with my other bettas
Temp has been kept at 74, treating with 1 tsp/gal Aquarium Salt 3 times, 12 hours apart (as per insturctions on the forum) Combined with API Triple Sulfa and Jungle’s Fungus Eliminator

Avenger has been havng issues with this since day one, I get it under control and then there is a recurrence, he HAS seemed better today, he has been a lot more active and has even been flaring at me, his spine still does the S thing everynow and then, but his fins no longerhave the white spots (though there is a red spot) and he DOES have new fin growth

My handsome man

(this is before the fin loss, white spots, and red spots)

STILL having problems with his gills

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