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Anybody ever bought baby mystery snails?

Has anyone ever bought baby mystery snails? I bought a lot of 5 and the seller sent me 13 which was cool. the only thing is how deep of water do they need? I filled up a petco cup(one they sold my betta in) with about 2-3 inches of treated water at room that too little, too much, or just right? I don't want them to die on me.

All help is appreciated! =)
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Those snails will need 1 gal of water space per snail when they get bigger, im not sure if there is a depth requirement for them. they breath air at the surface but they also have gills to breath under water as well. (if your water is dirty you will see them surface more often)

what did you treat the water with? snails are very sensitive to meds and if there is certain types of metal in the medicine it will kill them
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Mystery Snails produce a lot of waste, so they require 2.5 gallons per adult snail (as babies you can be the judge of how much they need as they grow depending on the water quality). They can be in shallow or deeper water as long as the water is at least twice the shell height. I assume by "treated water" you meant that you used dechlorinator, which is good because as was stated metals (especially copper) are deadly to these guys. Salt (obviously) is also deadly, so if you have one in a tank with a Betta/any other fish make sure you don't use aquarium salt in that tank. Also, they will escape from any container that doesn't have a lid (I have personal experience with that) so make sure they can't get out. As a side note, I LOVE Mystery Snails and find them very entertaining, so I hope you enjoy these guys as much as I do. :)
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