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The Facts About Bubble Nests?

So my male betta has recently begun building bubble nests. I just bought him almost a week ago. I was happy to see this because I was under the impression that this is a good sign, in terms of his health and well-being (that it means they're "happy"). But I'm somewhat aware that this also has to do with mating? With my previous fish who did this, I took it as a sign that he was feeling ok and was content... Am I right at all in this?

If anyone has more detailed information on bubble nests I would love to hear it!
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They will build them randomly and they are used to hold eggs (and later babies) if he was able to breed. You might enjoy watch this male betta tend to his nest with babies.
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Healthy and happy Bettas of breeding age build bubble nests randomly. Each fish is different though. Some Bettas build nests all the time, some rarely do. So if a Betta does not build bubble nests, it's not necessarily a bad thing.
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Bettas that are active, curious and good appetites are happy healthy bettas.
Bubble nests are instinctive, just means he's got the urge. Lol
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Yeah, bubble nests are built randomly, on instinct. Sometimes it depends on your guy wanting to mate. Sometimes it depends on whether or not your guy can see his reflection, because then he'll want to out-build the "other" betta in the area to get all the girls(my betta always makes huge nests after we do a flaring session). Sometimes they just do it whenever, it doesn't have to be for a particular reason. Bubble nests are not indicative of a betta's health, my poor guy Atlas was building them right up until he died (bad fin rot + old age). Just as long as your betta is healthy and happy you have nothing to worry about - but don't try and use bubble nests to measure how well your fish is doing!
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