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adopted betta-move from small bowl to tank immediately??

We adopted a betta fish today that was abandoned in a recently sold home. It was left in a very small bowl and we have no knowledge of what it had been fed or when or any other matters of health. It appears to be a female according to some identification guides as it is pale and has short fins but I realize these may be signs of poor health. It will be solitary. My main question at present is whether we should move it immediately into a new filtered tank with conditioned water (currently set up but less than 24 hrs). This seems to be an obvious improvement over the dirty water in the bowl, but the tank instructions warn of shocking a fish and suggest waiting 24 hours after set up. Thank you in advance.
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Hi there nalufish! Welcome to the forum!

So is this your first fish endeavor? Have you read through the sticky articles we have around the forum? They give the basics and teach you all about Betta fish!

So there is this really important thing called the Nitrogen Cycle. Basically, bacteria build up in their favorite place to hang out (the filter) and they convert all the bad stuff (ammonia and nitrite) into much less harmful stuff (nitrate) which can be removed with a water change. It takes about a month for the bacteria to to build up though, during that time, ammonia and nitrite can (and should) get high and dangerous to the fish. Here's a sticky about the Nitrogen Cycle in general:

So what you'll be doing is called a Fish-In cycle, it's pretty easy to do provided you keep an eye on the water and make sure the ammonia doesn't get too high, but it's very doable!

Here's another good article to read through that will help out, good guidelines to follow when doing a Fish-In cycle:

And this is just the basic stuffs that you can read through at your leisure

In total; yes, you should put her right into that tank. Make sure you acclimate her! If you do not know how I suggest you look at videos on youtube on Drip Acclimation, it's my preferred method and is very easy on the fish, especially when making a big change! You can also use plastic cups (generally we keep the cups from PetCo/PetSmart they come in for this use) and scoop her out of the bowl and float her in the new tank for 10-15 minutes, add in a teaspoon or so of new water to the cup, dump out part of the water when it gets too full and keep doing it for a total of 20-30 minutes depending on how drastic the changes are. I usually add in some water every 3-5 minutes or so during that 20-30 min period so they can adjust.

I think I covered everything...Oh! Do you have a heater as well? Did you buy a kit?
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At this point I recommend getting the fish out of the bowl ASAP. Since you have no idea how long it had been in the bowl, last water change, etc. I would not take the risk leaving it in there any longer. Just make sure you let it adjust to the temperature of the water by floating him in a container/bag in the tank water for at least 20 minutes.

Edit: oops, lil got here first! Sorry!
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Originally Posted by SplashyBetta View Post
Edit: oops, lil got here first! Sorry!
Some call me lil'ninja for my ability to sneak in posts haha!
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Take your time getting up to speed. You don't need to worry about cycling right away. Get your fish acclimated into his new tank immediately. Don't leave him in that cold dirty cup a minute longer. Using an adjustable heater get the temperature up to 78* to 80*.

Us Prime water conditioner by Seachem. Dose 2-drops/gal every day. Change half the water twice a week.

Feed him New Life Spectrum pellets (small fish formula) or Omega One Betta Buffet pellets.

Load his tank up with live plants or silk (cloth) plants. So he has plenty of cover and hiding places.

He's glad you found him. You will be too.
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