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Join Date: Apr 2014
Location: Willow Street PA. USA
The stress of moving.

It is one of the things I hate the most, Moving. For humans to move from one place to another is stressful enough. All the preparation needed and planning that goes into a move. heated discussions with my wife as to how things will be moved and in what order they are to be placed on the truck, and then having little to no help loading the truck. Well mostly all of us have been through this. But, and this is the big issue with moving not only my furniture, but I have 6 aquariums ranging from 4 gallon (Harry's tank) to my 150 gallon reef tank. I'm blessed with friends that have spare tanks sitting around and I was able to use for this move. I setup bear bones tanks to hold all the fish until my tanks were cleaned and ready. This has taken over 6 weeks and I did not lose a fish. However that being said, when it came to Harry's 4 gallon tank (one that he has loved since he was brought home, the one he has only known. ) i thought long and hard about moving him tank and all including the water. Then I thought better of this idea. So I decided to really give him a thrill and move him into a 10 gallon aquarium, completely cycled, and planted, with lots of places to hang out and hide in. When I first introduced him to his mansion he explored it, but than came the realization this wasn't his home. (Can betta get depressed?) It has taken 2 weeks for him to swim to the side of the tank and follow me around the office. For two weeks he has only come up for food and swim away. Is it depression or is he just mad at me for changing his home and his whole world? Today is the first day he has come to the side and follow me around the room. He still explores the tank and has found more hiding places, Harry always loves to explore and play hide and seek. Well now when he hides I have a real time finding him, I cheat and drop in a few flakes of his betta buffet and he makes a bee line to them and then realizes he just lost the game. He really doesn't care about the game as long as he gets his treat. Bettas are very strange little creatures. Gotta love them.

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Aqua Aurora
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I'm not sure if its depressed or just "moved in somewhere new, need to get use to it and learn to know it". Cute game you have, but bad you for cheating ^^ Glad you did not have any fish losses, and wow 150g, my biggest is just '55' in quotes as its barely 48.. stupid tetra ripping people off with inaccurate tank sizes.

I've kept my Xerxes in the same tank since he was first dripped in once he arrived. He's only been out of the tank once, recently did a rescape and major substrate clean.. he did not like the temp 5g bucket but it was only a few hours. When he went back in it was the same plants but slightly different placement + new hardscape (local found stone) added.. he didn't even notice the change (no exploring).
My other 2 new bettas have been in quarantine and final home (Alastor), which took a bit to get use to (glass jar=distortion of objects near glass.. finger is suddenly 3x as big!), and Magnus who has not left quarantine yet (get shredded fins wiggling over the barrier and fighting Alastor.. aaand then decided to fin nip last week when 85% healed >.<). I think Alastor has preferred the planted jar over the nearly empty large quarantine tank, seems more comfortable in it.
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i don't see why they can't be depressed. More likely I think he's just getting used to the new digs. Or perhaps the new water if the place has different water. Don't you wish they could talk so you could just ask!?
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Betaphototramp's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2014
Location: Willow Street PA. USA
I think it's just that he's getting use to his tank and he's still mad at me because I didn't include him in the decision. As for talking I'm not so sure. It would help if he could tell me he's sick or something along that line. But after 3 years I think we know what each other is thinking. I have an African Gray Parrot that just turned 20. I've had him since he was hatched. There was a time Spencer didn't talk and I wondered if he ever would. Now I wonder when he will shut up. He has a 3000 word vocabulary and talks in 4 different voices. He tattles on me to my wife. He tells us when the dog has been bad. When I cover him at night he always says night, night and makes a sound just like a car alarm being turned. And I need a fish to talk??? No I'm so close to going over the edge now as it is. A wife, a daughter, two sons, 12 grand children, 2 great grand children, a dog, two cats, a parrot, one betta, and another 75 different fish in 6 different tanks. ( I think insanity is not a long drive away, just a short putt.) LOL

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lol! your bird sounds so cute!XD
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