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Best water additives?


I am asking the opinions of betta fish owners that have a little more expiernce with them then my own. Recently, it had came to my attention that some of the things I have been adding to my betta's tank during water changes was not meant for that. I had, stupidly, taken the advice of a sales rep and used freshwater aquarium salt for every water change. My roundtail PK has retained water because of this, and I am in the process of frequent water changes to flush it out. This is now making me second guess whatever I add to my aquariums. I have cut out the aquarium, and I now just use my dechlorinator. I have been using API stress coat+. Is this a good brand to use? What are some other opinions? I have a 10 gallon, and a five gallon. Both only have one betta. Neither of them are planted, and are kept at 78F give or take a couple of degrees. They both have medium size tetra whispers.
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stress coat is good (as the name implies) in times of stress and when healing hurt things. If you're going to do epsom salt baths or something, it might be good to continue that to help reduce the stress it causes.

In terms of straight up which is the best water conditioner, I'm sure most people on this forum will say Seachem Prime, as it dechlorinates and detoxifies ammonia for 24-48hrs (and at higher doses can detoxify nitrites if there are any). It is also concentrated so it's great value for your money.

If you're doing frequent water changes and trying to reduce swelling, I would stick with stress coat since that what he's familiar with and is generally better at reducing stress. You can look into getting prime for a more long term solution though [= I personally have both, since you never really know when you're going to want a destresser, but for the most part I use prime
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Sena Hansler
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I just make sure to find a dechlorinator that gets rid or neutralizes a lot of the heavy metals, chlorine, chloramine, etc. Some don't state it at all!

Stress coat is a good additive. I also go for IAL as a weekly add-in, which is natural and beneficial!

Thank you for stopping that AQ salt. Bettas are strictly fresh water UNLESS absolutely necessary (some chronic issues need epsoms or AQ permanently at low doses). AQ salt can damage the labyrinth and gills - something pet stores forget to tell you.
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