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Question Betta personalities?

I'm new to the world of bettas; I have two, which I've had for about six months now.

Mr. Pink is a gorgeous half moon with an indigo body and mauve fins (which are edged in indigo), and a spectacular streak of iridescent turquoise on his dorsal fin. Boy Blue is a standard veil tail, a beautiful lapis color, with a little mauve in his ventral fins.

Blue is such a feisty little guy. He always rushes over to greet me when I come up to his tank. Sometimes he flares at me (it's so cute; I call it his lion face). He's constantly blowing giant bubble nests and zipping around his tank. When he's not zipping around, he likes to hang out under his bubble nest (waiting for the ladies ) or in his pagoda. He has a good appetite. I've got him in a 3-gallon tank, heated but no filter.

Pink, on the other hand, doesn't move much at all. He hangs out either in the upper corner of his tank or in his pagoda. He acknowledges me by fluttering his pectorals when I come to the tank, but that's about all. He has a good appetite. I have him in a 5-gallon heated tank. I've tried both with and without filters -- it doesn't affect his behavior. I currently have a small filter running, with the flow turned down about as low as it can go. I thought maybe he'd benefit from some company, so I added a couple of cory cats, but they ignore each other and Pink's behavior hasn't changed at all.

I know bettas can have very different personalities, but I worry that Pink is somehow depressed. I don't know what else to try. Any suggestions?
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Hmm...maybe he's bored. Does he have any decor or stuff? Or maybe he's stressed out, but that doesn't sound like it, so maybe he's just a little shy.
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He's got a stone pagoda that he can swim in and out of and has live plants that he can hide in.

A couple of things I forgot to mention:

(i) Pink was originally in my office, and I thought it might be boring for him (not much movement, etc.) so I moved him to a more high-traffic area (more people, TV on sometimes, etc.) but -- you guessed it -- no change in his behavior.

(ii) Pink has only blown a bubble nest a couple of times, and not at all recently (Blue blows huge nests often).
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