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Old 01-12-2012, 11:11 PM   #121 
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Originally Posted by Magikarp View Post
Hey bettalover, just wanted to update you. She is doing much better today! i havent seen her clamp her fins at all. The only weird thing i can recall was overfeeding her yesterday.. but after she did her business everything seems well. Do you think that mightve been the cause?
Im glad she is doing better. To answer your question yes hat just migut have been it. Bettas get very lethargic when overfed and bloated. Most females dont show bloat like males do. With males I have noticed that when they have bloat its more of a serious matter but when females have bloat they dont seem to be as kuch affected as males.

Also a way to get rid of bloat is helping the betta to flare so i would suggest putting a mirror in front of her so she will flare at it and has been proven to help their digestion period pass through quicker. Also try he pea method. Just boil a pea and feed ( ONLY THE INSIDE ) to them. Make sure it cools down of course.

Though just make sure that there is a paper or something that keeps the two from seeing each other for a while. That can also cause stress on young fish.
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OMG im so happy right now
So last night i set up a bbs hatchry and homestly didnt think it was going to work cause of no baking soda to get the right PH and i didnt think my heat source was going to work but apparently it did cause i just checked and had live Bbs and i gave some to my 6 week old baby who has hardly eaten anythhing i have given him. But he is going nuts over the BBS im so relieved right now. Maybr he'll finally have a full tummy like a 6 week old fry should
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so i finally went to Petco today to buy food and supplies. i went around looking at the bettas, and they were lethargic, turning white, their fins were curled and clamped, etc. =___= except for this gorgeous looking halfmoon, he was very active. glass-surfing in his cup. lol.

i saw some baby bettas, there were several containers left. they were so teeny-tiny. i saw one lying on the bottom, later realizing that it had died :/ poor thing. all the other babies were fine.

idk about selling baby bettas.. are they harder to take care of than adult bettas, or is it the same?
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Thought i would share a few pictures of the little one eating some Live BBS
Also picked up 3 more tonight, they only had 3 tonight and good thing other wise i wouldnt be able to choose which ones to take home
the 3 new ones are bigger and look healthier,but still enjoyed eating live BBS
I love the last picture, he's coming in for the kill! Lol
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Old 01-14-2012, 09:58 AM   #125 
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My baby Pooh died last night I got sick Tuesday and wasn't able to get the water test like I had wanted to. By the time I tested the water last night it was .50 for ammonia. It's a 5 gallon tank. That must have been what did it.

However, she was clamping up before I gave the tank a 100% water change on Monday night. I did use water conditioner but I don't have any other additives right now.

Anyway I will be getting a new betta but not until I get the tank right. Poor Pooh was a victim of my ignorance.

Pookie the cory catfish seems fine, are they affected by ammonia?
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Old 01-14-2012, 02:36 PM   #126 
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My friend fell for a sad little baby betta that she saw when buying dog food the other day. Then she bought a divider for the ten gallon tnk that currently had one grown betta in it. the poor thing died a few hours later and my friend was so sad.

Rest in peace, little fella.
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Old 01-14-2012, 07:19 PM   #127 
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Hi all! Well I was at Petco buying an ammonia and nitrate test for my adult betta (cycling a 5 g) and I saw one baby. With the Pals card they are $1.67 and I was so afraid reading about the other babies. Right now I just call it 'Baby' because I have a big thing about finding perfect names and Unisex names just don't seem right for him/her. S/he's about 1/3 the size of my pinky and I'm happy to say s/he's swimming about everywhere. So far no color at all and there's hardly any fin to determine what kind of betta s/he is. I think I see just the faintest bit of blue but s/he's pretty uncolored right now. Luckily I have my betta, Sharky's, 1 gallon bowl and heater to use for him/her.

Maybe I'm just being unrealistically optimistic but from the fact s/he survived the bumpy car ride home and the fact s/he's swimming around well, I have high hopes for his/her future!
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Old 01-15-2012, 11:01 AM   #128 
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I'm sorry about Pooh :(

I have been looking for more babies since my are growing up SO fast, but all of the local Petcos haven't had any in stock since around Christmas. Hardly any bettas period there. Wonder what's up in St. Louis?
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I wouldn't say harder, just more work. You have to feed them more often in the beginning and they need WARM temps and frequent water changes (at least that's what I've found to be successful). They stress a little more too. But those cute little eyes :)
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When I went in I saw that my store only had one, and it was dead. Hopefully they'll give up on it!
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