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Here's an updated pic on my other baby Icarus :) He's doing very well - eating like a lil piggy and enjoying life, and I am LOVING having him around :) He's gaining a little red on his tail, but nowhere else yet.

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omg incredibly cute
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Thank you :) Proud mama right here :D
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Well, I've fallen victim once again to the cuteness of these tiny creatures. I got a baby betta last year, when I tried breeding the first time. Unfortunately, neither the spawn nor the baby (I named him Ood) made it.
So yesterday I had to go to Petco to get fruit flies for my grey tree frog froglets. I did not plan on getting any more pets for a while, but when I saw this little one, I knew he had to come home with me.
As far as I can tell, he's a male crowntail, about 7 weeks old. He's looking a little bloated, but otherwise healthy and very feisty! I'm currently feeding him GP, Omega One flakes, frozen cyclops, and chopped bloodworms. I've really missed having little ones around.
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Oops! Forgot to add pics of his home! He's in a 1 gallon mason jar, in my nice warm bed room, with a silk plant, a moss ball, blue and silver glass gravel, and some giant duckweed.
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Originally Posted by Marlow View Post
Thanks for the pic! :D

I'm really sorry to hear about your baby bettas. When I got my first I had no idea they needed special care apart from smaller food- I have no idea how he survived to become the nice big fish he is today. Sheer dumb luck I suppose :/

I'm really tempted to grab a few more 'girls'. Do you think putting them in Sterilite Shoeboxes such as these would be safe until it was time to move them? I can get bigger sizes than my regular tanks if I buy those, but i'm not sure if any trace elements from the plastic would harm a fry :( I have a rack-ish setup so the heat and such is taken care off. I suppose I could toss a few guppy fry in and test it myself, but why make sacrifices when someone else could have the answer..:<

IME/O anything that you keep fish in needs to be "food safe" or "food grade", so you might be better off using a large food storage container like Rubbermaid or Glad. You can also check to see if the Sterite is made of a safe plastic...I had the same question a few years ago and I found that all plastic has numbers on the bottom. We've all seen them, but most of us have no idea what they mean. They are the numbers inside a triangle on the bottom of a container. Those numbers range from 1-7 and identify the type of plastic that is used in making the item. Here's a's a list and explanation of those numbers. If you want more info just google "food safe plastic" or "food grade plastic"
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D'aw, cute little guy. I keep new guppy fry in 1 gallon jars, works great :)

Woah, thank you about the information on the plastic! Very informative. Here is the Sterilite Containers - i've checked several of them. They are grade 5

5 Polypropylene (PP)
Some ketchup bottles and yogurt and margarine tubs.
OK: Hazardous during production, but not known to leach any chemicals that are suspected of causing cancer or disrupting hormones. Not as widely recycled as #1 and #2.

So they are fine apparently.
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First Time Betta Owner

I wanted to say hi to everyone since I'm new. I've been hanging around the forum for the last week learning everything I can. I fell victim to the cuteness last Sunday and bought one of the baby bettas at my petco. When I got my baby I didn't realize what all I needed for the little guy. At the moment I have him in a small .5 gal tank until the larger tank I ordered arrives. I also have a heater coming as well as some nice silk plants. (S)he eats like its the end of the world. I've got him on 3 feedings a day. I've been changing the water 75-50% every other day and I plan to change the water 100% today.

This is my fifth day with the little guy and I can say that I never knew a betta could be so active. (S)he darts around the little tank, plays chase and try to bit my finger, always begs for more food, and yesterday was trying to jump. I'm just adoring the little guy. As of yesterday I'm calling the little one Psycho. I wanted a autumn/Halloween name for the crazy little guy.

I figured I'd share him/her with you guys. I don't know if the little guy would be doing as well with out all the information I've gotten from here :)

I took the pictures yesterday. (S)he has gotten darker since I brought him/her home. You can't see it in the pictures but (s)he has a little blue/teal on the body and little red/teal fins.
Any ideas on type or sex would be awesome. (S)he may still be to little.

Any other advice is greatly appreciated or if I'm not doing something properly or often enough. This little guy is my first betta and I'd like to give him/her as happy and health a life as I can.

Forgive me if my pictures don't work I've never loaded pictures to a forum before
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Reference Team
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Welcome to the forum tanthalos looks like you've got yourself a cute little boy there! Although, I might be wrong. Seems like sexing these little ones has gotten harder lately, or I'm just second guessing myself too much >.< But pictures with a light behind the tank so it's shining at the camera and you can see through the baby will help!

Looks like you've got the card down to a T though! I'm glad you did you research to give this baby the best you can ^_^ you should see growth in no time!
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I've got two of these little puppies and mine are an absolute riot.
I have them together in a 3 gallon with a ton of hidey places, live plants, and nice heater (Temp roughly 80-82) I've watched them closely and besides one incident, they don't bite each other. I'm pretty sure that incident was because one of them was swimming close to the other to check out who they were. This was when they first were introduced. They keep to themselves now. Still, bad or good idea? I want the best for my fish. I figured they're technically fry and show no signs of having a gender yet, so no aggression? PM me or reply, I wanna know! The only interaction they have is one follows around the other occasionally. I want someone to tell me what to do, cause I'm pretty much winging it, finding out as much information as I can, and observing.

Well, here's the pictures! The white one is Ying and the dark one is Yang.
Is the red healthy on him/her at this age? It looks like organs..

The pictures don't do Yang justice. In reality, Yang is wild type color so far with some purple-red pigment on the fins.
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baby betta, baby betta care, baby betta photos, cuteness overload, good luck guys:), petco, petco babies, petco baby betta

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