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Old 12-30-2012, 01:00 PM   #371 
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Location: Hamilton, MA
I have the mini pellets, too (they're Tetra Betta mini pellets); but they spit them out most times. Mine prefer crushed flakes: "Omega One Betta Buffet" are the only Betta-specific flake I've seen. I crush them as they go into the tank.
The treat they love is a product called "Betta Dial-A-Treat"; it's a multi-compartment dish covered by a rotating top so you can mix-and -match what you feed them. The contents are dried bloodworms, mysis, and daphnia. They are tiny fragments, but you can crush them even further.
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Oh that so cools. Don't just feed crushed flakes though, they can survive off them but won't grow as big as they should be, all though the other food you can mix and match will help with growth.
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I tried live micro worms-once. They didn't notice them. What is the optimal food for bettas?
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For babies NLS Grow, frozen brine shrimp, frozen bloodworms, and I think Hikari First Bites is good. Remember to look at the Hikari First Bites' ingredients due to the fact that the Bio-Gold is bad, they might've changed it, too. Baby bettas need higher protein than normal adults do. Remember to keep the water extra clean and full of hiding spots.
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Prize lost their stripes!

So the past few days I'd be looking at Prize and notice that his/her camo stripes had disappeared. So I'd run to get my camera, come back and they'd be there again! I thought I was losing my mind!!! Until today when EVERY time I'd look at her she had no stripes, so exciting! She's already grown a lot in just the 9 days I've had her.


No flash:
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i use to have a baby betta but after 3 days the little one saddly passed on :( they are really fragile.
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Does anyone have any recommendations on how frequent a water change should be done for a baby in a 1g tank?

I'd put Darling in something bigger but I think bigger would be bad for it at the time being with how tiny it is.

I switched from using the betta plus pellets to a small piece of pre-soaked freeze-dried bloodworms to feed my baby until I can get proper food in a day or two.

I'm planning on making that mini siphon container that I saw in a video link I believe was posted earlier in this thread to use for the tank to suck out any left over food (not like there was any when I switched to pre-soaked bloodworms)

I also plan to buy new pellet food or just switch to frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp entirely after I took another look at the ingredients of the betta plus pellets in which just the first five were wheats, fish meal, potato gluten, soybean gluten and other crap like that despite the label guaranteeing at LEAST 43% protein in the food.

I'm going to make it up to Narcissus for feeding him this crap for the past few months without it clicking in my mind until recently.
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Old 12-30-2012, 11:55 PM   #378 
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I think it's 100% daily. Not for sure, but I believe so. I have most of my bettas in 1-2 g containers/vases for the moment and do 100% daily water changes daily, without doing enough changes, you can stunt his/her growth.
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Old 12-31-2012, 12:02 AM   #379 
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Location: Hamilton, MA
The babies need the "Betta Bow" 2.5 gal. and add a heater. The filtration reduced the 100% water change.
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Nix my rescued fry from petco has finally gotten breeding stripes for the first time and is full of eggs. It's crazy how fast she grew. So happy I have a snail with her now, if she doesn't eat all her eggs the snail will get what she missed. Got a new camera so I'm going to take pictures of her (it's an underwater camera too) once I get a memory card for it to show you all a comparison. Crazy when I got her she was this tiny little silver thing, now she grew in her big adult colors and looks purple with red and blue wash, almost mustardgas but hard to tell. Her colors are so different.

Also debating saving another baby since I had so much luck with Phoenix. I have her recovery baby tank more than fact two with spare heaters. Hmmm should I do it? I have a freezer full of frozen treats and live brineshrimp in another tank.

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baby betta, baby betta care, baby betta photos, cuteness overload, good luck guys:), petco, petco babies, petco baby betta

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