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Old 02-16-2013, 08:26 PM   #551 
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Originally Posted by lillyandquigly View Post
my seven year old betta just died, so I've been planning what I am going to do now that i have no bettas. i think iwill probably get a baby betta! I am going to feed it live foods it's whole life, and keep it in an npt. The tank will probably have a few cories and some shrimp, and some snails, but then other then that just a betta
Wow 7 years old! That's crazy awesome! Sounds like an awesome tank :D
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yeah, I'm hoping it'll be:)
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Fishy Mom
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Well, my baby turned out to be a girl & I got a surprise 10 gallon aquarium with all the accessories. So, it looks like I'm starting a baby sorority. I identified a few girls labeled baby that are the same size as my baby. I'm hoping to pick them up today. The 10 gallon tank is all planted, but I'm scrambling to get temp homes for all of them until I have everything prepped. I'm hitting up a few people that have extra fish equipment, lol. I'll let you know how it goes.
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I've had an empty tank since moving Angus for less than 24 hours now and I'm really itching to get to petco for a new betta! More specifically a baby betta. Have most of you had good luck with your baby bettas? I imagine they are much more fragile than the older ones?
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Originally Posted by Mariah94 View Post
I fell for it. Or, well, my family did. I had mentioned wanting a fish and they came home with this little bitty thing in a bowl. I immediately thought fish abuse and did my research. Now, a week later I have a 5 gallon 8 sided type tank with a heater and filter. I still need to go out and get a thermometer and some good food. But I'm still really new at this and I have a lot of questions. This is also my first post to the thread.

My betta (when I learn how to post pics I will) is about half the size of my pinky, maybe a bit smaller. I haven't had the time to look too much into the sex and type, but I THINK it's a girl...then again, it's a young fish so I might not be able to tell yet. I can't tell an age...maybe you guys have a general idea given the approx. size?

If it is a girl, her name is Temperance. If not, it's Rick Castle -but that chat is for later.

I'm really concerned about the feeding. I have this zoo med betta food that grows when you put it in the water. My little fish can hardly hold it in her mouth and it takes her over three minutes to eat it. So far I've been feeding her 3 times every other day and doing it in cyces. One the night before, one in the morning, and one in the evening -because it takes her so long to eat it and honestly the food (once submerged) is larger than her eye- I really don't want her to bloat up. But she kind of gives me that look (I'm sure you all know it) like she's starving so today I gave her two pellets in her night feed. She looks like she wants more...decieving fish.

Still doing my research, but I saw this thread and decided since I got 1.99 fishy from petcoe I may as well post :)

After exams I hope to have everything for her (or him). I know I want to get better food, some blood worms, a thermometer, softer plants...possibly a larger heater (I think mine is for 1-3 gallon?) and a Castle that's softer on the fins. And any thing else she/he needs. Me and this fish have really bonded. Never thought I'd bond with a fish but she/he follows my finger and hangs out on the side of the tank by my bed all the time. She/he is the coolest little fish...

Please make sure to PRE-SOAK the food you feed your betta so it does not grow in their stomach and cause bloating.
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My baby is getting so big. She has a red and blue hue body. She looks like a VT but I'm not really sure. I have a picture of her on page 55.
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Originally Posted by Marvel170 View Post
So I just bought a white and red male veil tail from my local petsmart this afternoon,he wasn't very active untill I picked him up then he wouldn't stop swimming around his cup..but he's pretty layed back too..but since i've gotten him home and into his tank he hasn't moved much and has his fins pullled into his he's been in there for a few hours he's moving around more but still not very active.. so my question is, is he just getting use to the place, or does it sound like something is wrong with him?

He may be stressed out from the trip home and adjusting to his new tank.

Did you feed him when you got him home? The first time I brought my betta home I overfed him unknowingly and he looked just like how you describe your fish. I did a quick water change because there was an ammonia spike due to food, and the water change helped. Also I didn't feed him for a day which also improved his condition. Betta stomachs are the size of their eye so overfeeding can be very bad. Three to five pellets PRE-SOAKED per day should be good enough. Should not eat at least one day a week.

Hope your guy is okay!
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Originally Posted by youlovegnats View Post
Well a filter doesn't exactly suck up all the either way you'll have to siphon out the bottom. For anything less than 5 gal. I don't really bother with filters (unless it's a tank kit- like my minibow). I just do 100% changes at the end of each month.
So say if you were to get a 10 gal. and split it 3 ways (which would make water changes much easier on you, btw.). You would then need to cycle it (which can be a couple weeks) and then only be doing 50% changes once a week (with siphoning) instead of doing two 50%'s a week with the 2.5 gals.
Um, yeah, you DO need a filter. There are also ways to fix the filter so it is not too strong for the Betta. For example, I have cut a small piece of panty hose and fitted it over the out flow of mine, and it slows down the outflow. Filter and heater are essential to keeping a healthy and happy Betta.

No matter what anyone tells you : Yes, your betta DOES need a filter.

Would you like to live in your own poop and old moldy food? I don't think so.
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I almost picked up a baby betta yesterday at Petco. It was a beauty, with some colors coming in already. Probably a veiltail female.
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Just a thought - the only way PetCo will STOP selling babies is if people STOP BUYING THEM.
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baby betta, baby betta care, baby betta photos, cuteness overload, good luck guys:), petco, petco babies, petco baby betta

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