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Old 12-13-2011, 05:23 PM   #11 
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Oh dear.. Dogmom.. Seeing your fish sit on the bottom of the tank like that saddens me.. My Bart did that for 4 days straight.. before he passed away. He also turned from the colors listed in my signature to completely white. Hopfully with your betta it is not the same.. And I'm sorry no one replied to your ask for help. No one was able to truly say what Bart died of..

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Wow, Fishy turned completely white in September, but was still acting normal at the time. Now she has been sitting on the bottom for 2.5 weeks. I thought she was dying the first day I saw her on the bottom, but she continues to survive so far and is still eating. I feel so sad for her, but don't know how to tell if she is suffering. I wish she would either die or imporve. Poor girl . She is our first fish and belongs to my 7 year old son.
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Aww poor little girl.. looks so sad :(

I would do as recommended previously by OFL and continue treatment for the full 10 days and see if that helps.

From what I understand (I may be a bit wrong here though) that they don't feel pain as we do, or at least as we understand it. She could very well feel fine but just can't swim around- her eating is a good sign, in my opinion.
You're doing all the right things now with the Epsom.. hoping she'll make a good recovery here soon for you. Keep us updated!
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It's been 10 days and her swimming is no better. I think I should transition her back to her tank with low water level. I assume I should stop the epsom salts since it hasn't helped. I just got the IAL in the mail too. How do I transition back? Do I do 50% water change with no epsom salt? How long to put her back in totally normal water? How about the IAL. Rocks or no rocks? Thanks for any tips. She is not doing well, but I don't think I should kill her. She still eats, though sometimes has so much trouble trying to get the food that she will give up and quit trying.
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