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Question do you need a light?

im putting together my ten gallon
do i need to have a light for it or is it not a needed?
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I think, unless you have live plants that need it, a light will make your fish and tank more visible and perhaps prettier but I don't think it's needed. Bettas do have a sleep cycle though and that might be messed up if the tank is too dark all the time but should still be okay.
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It can enhance viewing pleasure, but unless you have live plants, you don't need them at all. Your betta will be able to regulate a sleep cycle based on what the lights in the rest of the room do. If you have lights on all the time in the room, just make sure there is a really dark spot for him to hide.
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If your room is well lit, you can simply remove the hood and the tank will get plenty of light. Try to avoid direct sunlight on the tank not only to reduce heat induction but also its just too bright for a creature that lives in forest floor ponds.

Honestly if you use a glass lid all you need is a 20 watt desk lamp for a 10 gallon tank. Betta don't need more than ambient light to live by and are usually quite happy to go with the normal day/night cycle, just like they'll be happy with a gallon if you spend all day entertaining them.

But we need light to see them in, to inspect their health and tank's health.

I've found that LED desk lamps are a nice mode of illumination which enhances their appearance a great deal. I also keep a couple small LED flashlights around so I don't interrupt the plants cycle when I need to check on sleepy fish.

If you have plants you're talking about a minimum of 1 watt per gallon fluorescent, 2 watts per gallon fluorescent is a bit strong and 3 watts and up will grow algae like mad. I don't bother using incandescent bulbs anymore. They produce poor frequencies and are very dull compared to what LED and fluorescent show.

There's no NEED per say to get special bulbs, but I use 10 watt 6" Colormax bulbs from Coralife in my hex-5 tanks. The boys get very very deeply colored and the plants just bask in it all day. If you don't control your minerals these bulbs WILL grow algae everywhere.

You can grow algae on styrofoam balls with these colormax bulbs...

Alternate light sources:
I have a small 1300x768 monitor that I hook up from time to time and aim at the aquariums to show the fish scenes like sunrises or birds flying.
Betta ARE entertained by such things, more than cats who ignore anything that doesn't actively change smells. An older LED/LCD monitor will generate quite a bit of light for an aquarium and can be used for fun by showing your boy other boys' videos. If you do this avoid abstract shapes and quick sudden motions, betta have a prey reflex that makes them hide and play dead and they WILL use it when suddenly blinded by bright light or rapid confusing motions.

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Thunderloon...I wonder if thats whats wrong with my tank...
Here's my thread. Could you take a look please? :3
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