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RIP Badfish

Well we had to put Badfish down on Dec 6th. He was having issues in Sept and we thought we'd lose him, but then he perked back up again. Then on the 28th of Nov he got sick again. No signs of any problems. Water was fine. The heater started heating the tank too high, to about 89. We got a new heater and he didn't get any better. 100% water changes, epsom salts. Nothing helped. We would try to get him to flare or eat, and he would look over at us with this sad pleading look. After 8 days of not eating, and barely moving we decided it would be best for him. He didn't even fight in the net.

I cried so much, like there was something we could do for him and didn't. Or that this is somehow my fault. But I know it's not, and there was nothing more to be done. We had him for 26 months and he was fairly big when we got him, so we assume he was about 7-8 months old. So it could have just been old age. But I still feel so bad. Every time I walk by where his tank was, I look over to talk (or sing) to him. We made up tons of songs about him.

I want to get another one, but we got three others in the time we had Badfish and they all were very sickly and died rather quickly (within a few weeks of getting them.) I'm scared to try again. I also worry every time I go by the tank I'll think it's Bafishs and get sad. It's crazy how a fish can win your heart. His crazy dancing and twirling, begging for his betta bits. Flaring. He was so much fun.

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