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Lone Female Starting Sorority Life?

Okay I have a 2.5 gallon tank that is sitting empty still running because I have live plants. Would I be able to get a female betta and then if or when I get the tank I could put her in the tank. I would start a sorority so I don't know if living a lone will affect how she will do with other females. I just really don't want the tank to sit there with nothing in it. Also I may have to empty the tank if I get the 10 gallon because I won't have any where in my space to put it so I can't get a male unless I find a spot for the tank.
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I say yes, but it really depends on the personality of the female I suppose (thats what everyone else is gonna say)

I got a red female in February, and put together a sorority in June, and she took to it really well, and they all got along great.

Sadly, she got popeye and I had to remove her, and due to something dumb on my behalf, she only has one eye, but has made a full recovery, but she can't be put back in the sorority...but, she has a 8 gallon kritter keeper all to herself.

Not saying that will happen to you. I say go for it, sororities aren't as hard as they seem.
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Location: Fremont, CA
I take it the one in your avatar picture is the girl lol that is funny. Anyways I think I will try and also have the 2.5 gallon located so I can have another betta hehe. I will probably go down to Petco over the weekend and buy a girl then. I am going to try and not get a male. I just hope the don't have any nice ones! No dang it no males no males.
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I started out with one girl and later started a sorority. My first girl was alone for probably 1 or 2 months before the sorority was set up. She did fine. It took a couple of times of removing her and reintroducing her but she eventually settled in. However, I definitely agree that the individual personality of a betta plays a part too. My girl could have just been adaptable. Another betta may not be as easy-going, whether she spends some time alone before going into a sorority or not. All you can do is observe and then try. Good luck!
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