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Old 12-09-2011, 08:05 AM   #1 
SnowySurface's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: Bay Shore, NY
Meet me if you dare. O_O

I guess I'll start with the basics.

My name's Katrina and I'm 26 years old. My birthday is August 1 and my favorite color is purple. (So it figures that purple bettas are insanely rare. XD) I currently work for a pharmacuetical company as a Analytical Stability Scientist (I'm at the bottom as Scientist 1 at the moment). I moved out on my own recently, so I'm still getting used to budgetting for rent, food, utilities, ect. But I finally fill a living room with betta fish and bunnies(coming soon-ish eventually).

My hobbies are reading, music, knitting, betta fish care (obviously ^_^;), MMORPGs and video games, LARP, and travel. I have been interested with Japanese culture since middle school and study abroad in Nagoya Japan for a semester in colege. Now I'm slowly regaining the fluency I lost over the few years since graduation and will (hopefully) be fluent one day. Once I can speak Japanese, then I will try to figure out what I want to do with it.

I got into bettas because I impulsed brought African Dwarf Frogs my first Betta my Freshmen year of college. Rocky and Surface only lasted two weeks because I brought them sick without knowing it and wasn't told how to properly care for them. So me being the genius that I was at the time brought Sparkle from the same exact seller. Now I realize that selling bettas outside in unheated 1/2 bowls is cruel. But I believed the guy when he said bettas didn't need heaters or a lot of water. I'm not only surprised that Sparkle lasted as long as he did under my care but that I was stupid enough to listen to that guy a second time after his advice worked so well for the dwarf frogs.

So Sparkle was the beginning of an obsession with betta fish and the realization that I should research my pets before buying them. Before this site, I was using betta books and for betta info. I still hop on BettaTalk from time to time but I've mainly been here since joining the forum.
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Old 12-09-2011, 09:30 AM   #2 
Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: USA
Nice to meet you Katrina.....happy you are enjoying the forum and have found it helpful....and what an interesting job......sometimes I wish I knew a second language...
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Old 12-09-2011, 09:39 AM   #3 
TFK Moderator
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Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Southern NH
Hi Katrina,

I'm glad that you found the info. necessary to keep a healty betta here :)

I would have failed miserably with a lot of my freshwater friends without this forum so I know exactly what you're talking about here... :)
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Old 12-09-2011, 11:34 AM   #4 
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Central Texas
Hi Katrina. It's nice to have an opportunity to get to know you better. :)
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Old 12-09-2011, 12:25 PM   #5 
Rosso1011's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: Virginia
Nice to meet you, Katrina. Wow, learning japanese. That sounds difficult. Glad you are finding more success with betta keeping. Thanks for the introduction!
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Old 12-09-2011, 12:32 PM   #6 
tpocicat's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: Fresno, Ca
Welcome to the forum Katrina. Welcome to the forum.
I, too joined when I found that almost every time I searched on a Betta topic, this forum kept popping up!
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Old 12-09-2011, 12:34 PM   #7 
onefish2fish's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2008
hi katrina

what are mmorpgs? lol
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Old 12-09-2011, 11:28 PM   #8 
New Member
Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: Central Florida
Nice to meet you, Katrina!

What kind of MMORPGs do you play? I'm a fellow MMORPG player myself!
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Old 12-10-2011, 12:46 AM   #9 
mardi's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: The house of mouse
Hello, Katrina!

It was really nice reading your into, since we're both the same age and leo's. I've also moved into a new place recently and would really love to have a Bunny someday as well.

Welcome! And I hope you don't mind but, if I can figure out how to, I'd like to add you as a friend on here.
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Old 12-10-2011, 06:20 AM   #10 
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Central Texas
Go to her profile page and on the right side there will be something that says befriend Snowtsurface and go from there.
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