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My uncle had one named Gretchen.. I wish I could remember the type of snake- I believe a constrictor of sorts.. but she was measured at 21 feet. Had quite a few zoos offer to buy her, think she went to one down by Memphis. (My uncle owned a pet store in a small town and Gretchen was the main attraction- until feeding her got too dangerous that they had to give her to experts.)

I've always encouraged my daughter to enjoy whatever she is attracted to.. and so far it's snakes, alligators and dinosaurs hehe. Hoping the Barbies I got her for Christmas will help bring some girlie into her :P
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Awesome pets ! I always check out the reptiles when I go to petco or petsmart. I love looking at the baby bearded dragons, they're so cute! My petco has baby basilisk lizards, they're pretty cool looking. I want to get a whites tree frog one day.
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If it was 21 feet it was either a rock, burm, or a retic.. Or I guess a green anaconda, but not as many people keep those!

Funnily enough, it seems like the majority of people in the reptile world (and specifically snake and gecko side) are ladies! So funny! :D The opposite of what you'd think. But I sort of think it happens like this... We have a lot of passion in fear. When we are scared of something we feel a lot of emotion! When suddenly that fear is gone--that emotion stays! So that's why reptile people tend to be total animal lovers who'd never give up their scaley babies, ESPECIALLY the girls hahaha. We are suckers for those cute little guys!

They have basilisk lizards?! I hope no one is buying those on the spot, those are not exactly beginner animals! Whites tree frogs TOTALLY are though.. and I want one..or three as well :) Want to be sure I get a boy so I hear some croaking!
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