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Unhappy Torn/Shreded fins and no black/red spots

Wow guys, im so mad with myself. I always picked my betta using a net, but this time something went extremelly wrong and his fins got shreded. Why did this happen?

He was in a 5gal, but now that his fins are torn I moved him to a 1gallon and added 1tsp of Aq. salt, stresscoat and antibacterial and antifungal medicines.

I am leaving for vacation in 6 days and will pay a fishstore to take care of him during those 16 days. Im so sad guys...

What can I do now? His fins got torn and im really sad. Is there any chance that some part of it grow in 6 days?
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Firstly, remove him from that combination of all of that medicine before you put him into shock and do him much more harm then some torn fins..

You don't want to add in the AQ salt with 2 other medications.. you don't want to mix those other two medications either..

For a torn/ripped fin.. he just needs clean water. Stress Coat will help in the regrowth.. but anything else will hamper and do more damage then just a torn fin that will mend on it's own in a couple of days. If there are missing pieces then those take time.. but they don't need medicine of any kind..

Do a 100% water change immediately and only add in stress coat as the water conditioner. There ya go.. simple as that.

Next time, try to trick him to the surface of the water with food and use his cup to snatch him while he is up there- usually the suction from the water going into the cup is all you need to snag them. Much safer... and easier and less stress.

Oh.. and he can go back into his home tank.. he'd be less stressed there.

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