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Old 12-11-2011, 08:58 PM   #1 
Lily Thomann
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Join Date: Dec 2011
Unhappy Please help...I think my betta is dying?

Hello, I have had my beloved betta, Jayhawk, for about 2.5 years now. The top of his fin is completely white and his fins look like they got disintegrated and are also a little white. He hasn't eaten at all in 4 days and perhaps only 3-4 times in the past 2 weeks. He is always lying on his side and swims crooked. When he swims, it looks like he is in pain because his spine is curved and it's like he can't straighten it. Please help me to diagnose this problem!
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Comet1993's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2011
I'm so sorry to hear about your betta. =( I hope he gets better soon. Do you think it could possibly be a fungal infection? I read about the white fuzzy-looking stuff that seems to disintegrate fins, and it was supposedly a fungal infection... I'm not completey sure, but there's an idea to research until someone better comes along to help.. Best wishes to your beloved betta.
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Lily Thomann
New Member
Join Date: Dec 2011
I have looked into that, but it just doesn't seem right. He has always had the white stuff, but it seems to be getting more pronounced. He has started laying on his side within this past month and can't swim properly. Could this be fish TB? :(
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Myates's Avatar
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Poor little guy.. we'll need to understand what is going on a little better. Is there a chance you could post a picture?

A few questions to help us determine what happened so we can figure out the best course of treatment:

What size tank is he in?
How often do you clean it and the % of water do you change?
Do you use water conditioner? Do you add in anything else, chemical-wise?
Is the tank heated?
What is the temp?
What food do you feed him, how much and how often?
Have you tested the water for ammonia/nitrate/ites? If so, what are the results?

Odd question, but what color is he?

Bent spines would normally come from an injury or malnourishment, even genetics.. as fish TB is quite rare. A picture would help confirm whether or not it is either of those..

The white stuff.. is it like a grey-milky substance floating around his body? Or like cottony puffs with "hairs" coming out of it?

The disintegration of the fins- are the edges of them black and flaking off, or white with cottony puffs?

Right now I would place him in a small QT container- something soap residue free and clean, 3-4 inches of water (with water conditioner)- new water, not tank water as there may be something in his tank causing this. If you can float it in his home tank to keep it warm that would be great- either tape it to the side or jimmy it with something to keep it there in place.

Until you can get a picture posted, unsure exactly what is going on with him.. that or the questions answered. Don't want to treat him for something unless we know what it is, as we don't want to cause him more trauma and harm then he already is in.
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curved body, lying on side, swimming weird, white fins

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